Portrait photo

A. Bruce Mainwaring

Albert Bruce Mainwaring (Feb 23, 1927 – Sep 6, 2022). Mainwaring was the founder of the Mainwaring Archive Foundation. He also served on the board……
Alfred de grazia 2003

Alfred de Grazia

Alfred Joseph de Grazia (also referred to as Deg, and as Joseph Grace), (born December 29, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois, died July 13, 2014 France)……
Immanuel Velikovsky, 1868

Immanuel Velikovsky

Immanuel Velikovsky (Russian: Иммануил Великовский Hebrew: עמנואל וליקובסקי, also Emmanuel Velikovsky) (b. 4:35 pm June 10 (May 29, Old Style) 1895 Vitebsk, d. November 17,……
Ralph Juergens in 1975

Ralph Juergens

Ralph E. Juergens (6 May 1924 – 2 November 1979)[1]”In Memoriam: Ralph Juergens”, Kronos Vol. V No. 2 (Winter 1980)
Victor Clube

Victor Clube

Dr Stace Victor Murray Clube (S.V.M. Clube) (born October 22, 1934 in London) is a British astrophysicist, previously Dean of the astrophysics department at Oxford……
Bill Napier

Bill Napier

William M. Napier (born June 29, 1940 in Perth, Scotland) is a professional astronomer currently an Honorary Professor of Astrobiology at Cardiff University. He has……
David Talbott (June 2007)

David Talbott

David N. Talbott (b. Oct 28, 1942) is an American, self-taught, comparative mythologist in the Velikovsky tradition.[ref]Talbott, David N., The Saturn Myth (1980), Doubleday. ISBN……
Roger Wescott

Roger W. Wescott

Roger Williams Wescott, (b. April 28, 1925 Philadelphia. d. November 21, 2000) was Professor of Linguistics in the Humanities Division of the Graduate School and……
René Gallant, c.1982

René Gallant

René Louis Charles Gallant (b. 5th February 1906 Ostende, Belgium. d. 22 February 1985 Newton Abbot, Devon) was a Belgium mathematician, engineer and amateur geologist,……
Dwardu Cardona

Dwardu Cardona

Dwardu Edward Cardona (1936 – 27 July 2016) was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less……
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