Dr. Robert W. Bass

Robert W. Bass

Dr Robert W. Bass (Bob Bass) (9 August 1930 – 19 December 2013)[ref]Case #1315829, Dec 19, 2013. Tarrant County Medical Examiner Public Access, retrieved 2……
Lynn E. Rose, 1999

Lynn E. Rose

Lynn E. Rose (b.Jan 28, 1934 d. 27 Oct 2013 Casa Grande, Arizona [1]Lynn E. Rose, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Lewis M. Greenberg

Lewis M. Greenberg

Lewis M Greenberg is Professor Emeritus of Ancient and Oriental Art history at the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. He was Associate……
Ignatius Donnelly

Ignatius Donnelly

Ignatius Loyola Donnelly (November 3, 1831–January 1, 1901) was a U.S. Congressman, who also wrote books on his theories of Atlantis, and that the Earth……
Franz Xaver Kugler, c. 1925

Franz Xaver Kugler

Franz Xaver Kugler (27 November 1862 – 25 January 1929) was: “.. a Jesuit priest who was an acknowledged authority on Babylonian and Hebrew astronomy,……
Frederic B. Jueneman in 1995

Fred Jueneman

Frederic Bonner Jueneman (May 25, 1929 Chicago, Illinois – July 29, 2014) was a consulting industrial analytical chemist, who has served as an Associate Editor……
Johann Gottlieb Radloff's book cover

Johann Gottlieb Radlof

Johann Gottlieb Radlof (b. 1775 Lauschstadt d. 1846 Berlin) was a German linguist and writer, professor-emeritus of the gymnastium of Bonn, and author of some……
Wal Thornhill

Wal Thornhill

Wallace Thornhill (May 2, 1942 – 7 Feb 2023[1]”Wallace William (Wal) THORNHILL“, Canberra Times Tributes, retrieved 11 Feb 2023
Charles Ginenthal

Charles Ginenthal

Charles Ginenthal (b. Oct 22, 1934,[1]”Charles Ginenthall, Residence“, “United States Public Records, 1970-2009” database, FamilySearch, 16 May 2014)

Hans Schindler Bellamy

Hans Schindler Bellamy (1901 – 12 December 1982, poss. Vienna) was a researcher and author. His books investigate the work of Austrian cosmologist, Hans Hoerbiger……
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