Immanuel Velikovsky bibliography

This page lists book, publications and articles by Immanuel Velikovsky. See also, a List of Velikovsky Lectures. Books 1950: Worlds in Collision 1952: Ages in…
Kronos Journal
Kronos Journal

Kronos (journal)

Kronos: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis published articles on a wide range of subjects as diverse as ancient history, catastrophism, mythology, and Vellikovsky’s ideas[ref]McAulay, R.,…
Horus journal cover
Horus journal cover

Horus (Journal)

Horus was a journal that ran seven issues between 1985-1987, and was published by The Institute for the Study of Collective Behavior and Memory. It…
Yale Scientific Magazine cover (April 1967)
Yale Scientific Magazine cover (April 1967). Design by Suzanne Bauman

Yale Scientific magazine

Yale Scientific magazine is a “periodical published by Yale College students”[1]”About YSM”, Yale Scientific Magazine website, retrieved Aug 24, 2010 It’s April 1967 “Velikovsky” issue…


1 ”About YSM”, Yale Scientific Magazine website, retrieved Aug 24, 2010
Chiron journal cover
Chiron journal cover


Chiron: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies was a one-off issue published in Winter-Spring 1974, edited by Thomas L. Ferte, with Associate Editors Lewis M. Greenberg and…