Horus (Journal)


Horus was a journal that ran seven issues between 1985-1987, and was published by The Institute for the Study of Collective Behavior and Memory. It described itself as “A tri-annual magazine (published in January, May and September) featuring articles on archaeoastronomy, myths, rituals, symbols, and other subjects related to ancient conceptions of natural and human history”. It was edited by David Griffard.


Vol 1 No 1 Winter 1985

Horus Vol 1 No 2 Summer 1985

Horus Vol 1 No 3 Fall 1985

  • HORUS Introduces the ISCBM Board of Directors
  • Can Psychoanalysis Be A Science? An Introduction to Velikovsky .. David Griffard
  • An Interview for Television with Immanuel Velikovsky .. Don Riggs
  • Historical Paradise and Collective Psychology .. Richard Heinberg
  • Investigating the Mound Builders’ Astronomy .. F. Glenn Graham
  • HORUScope
  • …more Myths, Monuments, and Mnemonics; A Solstice Visit to Machu Picchu .. David Griffard

Horus Vol 2 No 1 Winter 1986

  • A Conversation with Barry Fell (recorded April 1985)
  • Collective Behaviorism and Ancient Astronomy .. David Griffard
  • Four Faces of Collective Psychology .. Jerry Kroth
  • Solar Eclipses and the Historical Record .. Charles Raspil
  • On Number as Artifact (Part I) .. Fred Fisher

Horus Vol 2 No 2 Summer 1986

Horus Vol 2 No 3 Fall 1986

  • The Newark Earthworks Conference (Introduction) .. Ed.
  • The Newark Holy Stones .. Robert W. Alrutz
  • Setting and Using the Stonehenge, Nineteen Year Sun-Moon Calendar .. Alban Wall
  • On Number as Artifact (Part 3: Conclusion) .. Fred Fisher
  • A Hypothetical Ancient Telescope .. Francis G. Graham
  • The Strange Phenomenon of Solar Prominences .. Alban Wall

Horus Vol 3 No 1 Winter 1987


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