Earth in Upheaval book cover

Earth in Upheaval

Earth in Upheaval (1956) is Velikovsky‘s third book, which he describes as: “… a book about the great tribulations to which the planet on which……
Chaos and Creation, book cover

Chaos and Creation

Chaos and Creation: An Introduction to Quantavolution in Human and Natural History (1981) is a book Alfred de Grazia that describes itself as a: “..……
Mankind in Amnesia, book cover

Mankind in Amnesia

Mankind in Amnesia is a book (1982)[1]Immanuel Velikovsky, Mankind in Amnesia, 1982, Doubleday & Company, ISBN 0-385-03393-1 Libary of Congress Card No: 79-7222
Catastrophist Geology Vol.1 No.1 cover

Catastrophist Geology

Catastrophist Geology described itself as “A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history”. It was published by geologist Johan B. Kloosterman, and……
The Cosmic Serpent

The Cosmic Serpent

The Cosmic Serpent is a book by Victor Clube and Bill Napier published in 1982, outlining their theory of coherent catastrophism due to cosmic cometary……
The Saturn Myth, cover

The Saturn Myth

This article is about the book. See also: The Saturn Theory The Saturn Myth (1980) is a book by David Talbott, which proposes that ancient……
Peoples of the Seas, book cover

Peoples of the Sea

Peoples of the Sea (1977) is Velikovsky‘s fifth book, which he describes as: “… part of the Ages in Chaos series dealing with the reconstruction……
Catastrophism and Ancient History journal cover

Catastrophism and Ancient History Journal

Catastrophism and Ancient History was a biannual journal that ran between 1978 – 1993 totalling 30 issues and three seminar Proceedings (1983-1996), and edited by……
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