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Livio Catullo Stecchini (6 October 1913 – September 1979) was a historian of science, and Professor of Ancient History, Paterson State College in New Jersey. He contributed to the September 1963 special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist on Immanuel Velikovsky, that was subsequently revised and expanded, and published as a book, The Velikovsky Affair (1966).

Alfred de Grazia wrote:

“Dr Stecchini, who gained his qualifications in philosophy, law and ancient history at Freiburg, Rome, Genoa and Harvard holds a special place in Velikovskian scholarship: as noted by Dr de Grazia in the introduction to the 1978 edition of The Velikovsky Affair, it was to Livio Stecchini that he owed his first introduction to Velikovsky’s ideas – an introduction which was to result in the special edition of the American Behavioral Scientist which brought the issues to a wider public and ultimately gave rise to the investigations in the Yale Scientific Magazine, Pensée and the other journals that have followed. His special interest lay in ancient measures and he contributed a valuable and extensive appendix on this topic to Peter Tompkins’ book, Secrets of the Great Pyramid.”[1]Alfred de Grazia, “In Memoriam: Livio Stecchini”, SIS Review Vol IV No 1 (Autumn 1979)

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1 Alfred de Grazia, “In Memoriam: Livio Stecchini”, SIS Review Vol IV No 1 (Autumn 1979)
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