Velikovsky BBC Horizon documentary

Horizon: Worlds in Collision

Worlds in Collision: Dr Immanuel Velikovksy is the name of a BBC documentary film written and produced by Brian J. Gibson, and directed by Peter……
Robert Nichol

Robert Nichol

Robert Nichol is an award-winning director and cinematographer.[1]”Robert Nichol’s Biography” at Star Dreams. Retrieved Dec 3, 2008 (via
Velikovsky: Bonds of the Past

Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past

The Bonds of the Past is a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television program written and directed by film maker Henry Zemel, that was first broadcast on……
Velikovsky talking on Camera Three

Camera Three: Theories of Immanuel Velikovsky

Camera Three was an American variety show,[1]”Camera Three” on Wikipedia, retrieved 17 Dec 2013
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