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Stephen L. Talbott

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Stephen L. Talbott co-published the journal, Pensée (1972-1974), together with his brother David Talbott. He is currently a senior researcher at The Nature Institute and author of the online NetFuture newsletter. Alfred de Grazia described him thus:

"Stephen Talbott was a brilliant editor and organizer, bent upon opening the world to quantavolutionary ideas, but also to criticism of them. After spectacular successes, Pensée collapsed under a load of debt and overwork. As it was ending, it promised to broaden its interests beyond Velikovsky and to discuss ideas irreconcilable with his. "[1]


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  • Stephen L. Talbott, "Velikovsky at Harvard", Pensée Vol. 2 No 2: (May 1972) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered I"
  • Stephen L. Talbott, "Velikovsky at Harvard", at the Velikovsky Archive

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