Shane Mage


Shane H. Mage (b. February 21, 1933) (Ph.D., Columbia Univ.) is the author of the booklet, Velikovsky and his Critics (1978). He was an Associate Editor and contributor to Kronos.



  • Velikovsky and his Critics, 1978, Cornelius Press


  • Shane Mage, “Back to the Drawing Board?”, Kronos Vol. IV, No. 4 Summer 1979

    On the Pioneer and Venera missions to Venus

  • Shane H. Mage, “Some Notes on Parker’s ‘Sothic Dating'”, Kronos Vol. VI, No. 1 Fall 1980
  • Shane H. Mage, “Plato and the Catastrophist Tradition”, Kronos Vol. VI, No. 2 Winter 1981
  • Shane H. Mage, “Behold Thy Gods, O Israel Jeroboam and the Israelite Revolution”, Kronos Vol. VII, No. 3 Spring-1982
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