Gordon Atwater, August 1942

Gordon Atwater

Gordon A. Atwater (b. Feb 9, 1904 Nebraska d. July 12, 2000 Wisconsin)[1]”Gordon A. Atwater” Social Security Death Index was director of the Hayden Planetarium…

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1. ”Gordon A. Atwater” Social Security Death Index
Dr. Robert W. Bass

Robert W. Bass

Dr Robert W. Bass (Bob Bass) (9 August 1930 – 19 December 2013)[ref]Case #1315829, Dec 19, 2013. Tarrant County Medical Examiner Public Access, retrieved 2…

James Putnam

Arthur James Putnam (Jim Putnam) was the editor with Macmillan who accepted Velikovsky‘s book, Worlds in Collision for publication.[ref]C. J. Ransom, The Age of Velikovsky,…