Broca’s Brain


Broca’s Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science (1979) is a book by Carl Sagan that includes a critical chapter seven, “Venus and Dr Velikovsky”.

Main article: Carl Sagan’s criticisms of Worlds in Collision

The book features 10 sections:

  • Problem 1: The ejection of Venus by Jupiter
  • Problem 2: Repeated collisions among the Earth, Venus and Mars
  • Problem 3: The Earth’s rotation
  • Problem 4: Terrestrial Geology And Lunar Craters
  • Problem 5: Chemistry & biology of the terrestrial planets
  • Problem 6: Manna
  • Problem 7: The clouds of Venus
  • Problem 8: The temperature of Venus
  • Problem 9: The craters of Venus
  • Problem 10: The circularization of the orbit of Venus
  • Some other problems


  • Carl Sagan, Broca’s Brain; Reflections on the Romance of Science (1979) Random House, ISBN 0394501691 (0-394-50169-1)


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