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Joseph May

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Joseph May was an Associate Professor of History at Youngstown State University, and a contributor to Kronos, Pensée, and Aeon. His has also had articles appeared in The Zetetic Scholar and the Dictionary of American Biography. He has also presented papers at the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, the Ohio Academy of History, and the Duquesne History Forum. His academic speciality is American diplomatic and constitutional history. He has as Ph. D. from Kent State University. He succumbed to a lengthy illness in early 1987.

On Velikovsky

On Velikovsky, May wrote:

"The time has come for all those who believe that Immanuel Velikovsky has something to say to the scientific and academic world in general, to depart from a defensive attitude, stand up, be counted, and insist that he be heard. With the publication of the May issue of Pensée, the Velikovsky hypothesis has been subjected to ventilation in a major way for the first time in five years. One thing should be clear above all: the cause of truth cannot afford another five years of hibernation and small gains. For a long time there has been an academic underground made up of individuals convinced in their own minds that Velikovsky's work deserves examination, dissection and empirical investigation. Many in the underground have concluded that Velikovsky is correct, in broad outline and in most of the details. But with a few sterling exceptions, instead of making themselves heard in his behalf, they have left unrisked their own personal academic reputations by not associating themselves with an unorthodox theory, while being complacently confident that the normal procedures of science would insure an eventual vindication of his concepts."[1]


  1. Jospeh May, "A Call To Action", Pensée IVR02 (Volume 2, No. 3, Fall, 1972). From remarks which Dr. May delivered at the Velikovsky Symposium, Lewis and Clark College, August 18, 1972:

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