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James Oberg

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James Oberg
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James Edward Oberg (b.1944) (also James E. Oberg and Jim Oberg) is an American space journalist and critic of Velikovsky.

Selected bibliography

  • James Oberg, "Predictions in Collision", Astronomy, July 1980, pp. 24,26, 28
  • James E. Oberg, "How Good Were Velikovsky's Space Predictions, Really?" The Universe and Its Origin, ed. F. Singer (New York, 1990), p. 41.
  • James E. Oberg, "The Method of Science", The Velikovskian Vol 1 No 4 (1993)
  • James Oberg (1980), "Ideas in Collision", Skeptical Inquirer, Vol 5, #1, Fall 1980, 20-27. Reprinted in Paranormal Borderlands of Science, edited by Kendrick Frazier, Prometheus Books.

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