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Eddie Schorr

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Eddie Schorr (Edwin M. Schorr) has been a library assistant to Immanuel Velikovsky,[1]. He also contributed articles on archaeology, sometimes under his nom de plume, Israel M. Isaacson in order to protect his identity from his professors.[2]


Dark Ages of Greece

Jan Sammer writes:

"Beginning around 1970, Velikovsky hired Edwin Schorr, who was then a graduate student in classical archaeology at the University of Cincinnati, to conduct research for him at the Princeton University Library in successive summer seasons. Mr. Schorr compiled an immense volume of extracts from archaeological publications, mostly copied by longhand, which Velikovsky carefully read and annotated. Some of this material was then used as further elaboration in various chapters of The Dark Age of Greece. As the years progressed, however, Velikovsky became more aware of the likelihood that he would not be able to utilize all of this material himself, and he began to encourage Mr. Schorr to write an extensive appendix to the book. Mr. Schorr did write parts of this appendix -- in the form of a study of the archaeology of Mycenae and other sites. Mr. Schorr had even intended to use the material on Mycenae as his Ph.D. dissertation, but this topic was not accepted by his advisor and Mr. Schorr eventually left the field altogether. His work on Mycenae was thus left only about half complete".[3]

P. John Crowe writes:

"Schorr was cruelly punished by the Establishment for his temerity in refuting their Dark Age dogma. As was the custom among research graduates, and in his turn, he duly recounted his findings at a Graduate Seminar lecture. His reward was to have his lecture interrupted, his audience sent home, and be summoned to the Professor's office. There he was told he must recant his heretical beliefs, or he would not be allowed to finish his doctorate. This, in all conscience, he could not do, so he left the university, his ambitions dashed, and his career hopes in ruins."[4]


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As Israel M. Isaacson

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As Edwin Schorr

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