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Alice Miller

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Alice Miller

Alice Miller is "a researcher of all material published on Velikovsky's research, has written several rebuttals to criticisms leveled against it and has published an annotated volume, the Velikovsky Bibliography. She lives in San Francisco and was planning to publish Gordon Atwater's memoir of the events that led to his dismissal as Curator of the Hayden Planetarium and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy of the American Museum of Natural History".[1]

Comments on Carl Sagan

C. Leroy Ellenberger reported that:[2]

"In early May [1980], Alice Miller, author of Index to the Works of Immanuel Velikovsky, submitted a detailed, fifteen page, single-spaced typed analysis of Sagan's "stock article" in BAR [Biblical Archaeology Review].(198)[3] In a magnificent presentation, Miller paired 27 of Sagan's statements with corresponding rebuttals and/or contradictions from Velikovsky, Kronos and other sources. Her compilation concluded:
"With his condescending and arrogant delivery, Sagan may be enhancing his popular image -- at the cost of his own ideal of 'clear thinking and sound practice'; he should be more concerned with truth -- and logic."
"In expressing BAR's regrets at not having space to print such "careful, thoughtful and lengthy responses", Suzanne Singer explained that Sagan was chosen "to speak about some of Velikovsky's ideas because he was qualified and dispassionate".(199)[4] Finding this statement incredible, Miller wrote back "But, of course, that was the whole point of my response; Mr. Sagan is NOT qualified or dispassionate in his evaluation of Dr. Velikovsky's work."(200)[5]"

Selected bibliography

  • "The Kensington Runestone, John Whittaker and The Skeptical Inquirer" (Part I & II), The Velikovskian, Vol. II, No. 3 (1993)


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