List of Obituaries of Immanuel Velikovsky

Immanuel Velikovsky Obituary List

Newspaper articles

Magazine articles

  • “In Memoriam: Dr Immanuel Velikovsky”, SIS Review Vol IV No 2/3 (Winter 1979/80), Dr Alfred de Grazia
  • “Dr Immanuel Velikovsky Tributes”, SIS Review, Vol IV No 4 (Spring 1980)
  • ”Industrial Research/Development’, January 1980, Frederic B. Jueneman
  • “In Memoriam: Immanuel Velikovsky”, Kronos, Vol. V No. 2 (Winter 1980)
  • “In Memoriam: Immanuel Velikovsky, Livio Stecchini and Ralph Juergens”, Catastrophism and Ancient History II:2
  • Velikovsky: psychiatrist, historian and catastrophist“, Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) 1981 September 1; 125(5): 496–505.
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