Cosmos and Chronos

Cosmos and Chronos (C&C) is a non-profit U.S. tax-exempt organization, formed in 1975 by C. J. Ransom at the request of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.[1]Personal correspondence, C.J. Ransom It has provided research funding to individuals and organizations.

C&C published the journal Kronos, and a series of books such as Velikovsky and Establishment Science, 1977, Predicting the Past, Roger Williams Wescott, 2000, Sun, Moon and Sothis: Calendars & Calendar Reforms in Ancient Egypt, by Lynn E. Rose, 1999, and Let there be Darkness: The Reign of the Swastika, Lewis M. Greenberg, 1997.

C.J. Ransom was the Executive Director of Cosmos and Chronos until 2007. Professor Lewis M. Greenberg is currently the Executive Director.


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