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Velikovsky and Establishment Science

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Velikovsky and Establishment Science book cover (1977)

Velikovsky and Establishment Science is a special issue of the journal Kronos, also published as a hardback book.

"What is set forth here -- beginning with Velikovsky's original AAAS address -- is a full-scale rejoiner to the arguments raised at that symposium and subsequently printed in a Cornell University publication, Scientists Confront Velikovsky. The purpose of the present book -- Velikovsky and Establishment Science -- is to set the record straight and the reader can judge for himself who is on trial, Orthodoxy or Velikovsky."[1]

A continuation of Velikovsky and Establishment Science appears as a subsequent special issue of Kronos journal, Scientists Confront Scientists Who Confront Velikovsky.


iii  Some Good AdviceLynn E. Rose
2  Velikovsky and Establishment ScienceLewis M. Greenberg
5  My Challenge to Conventional Views in ScienceImmanuel Velikovsky
18  AfterwordImmanuel Velikovsky
32  The Ten Points of SaganImmanuel Velikovsky
49  The Velikovskian Upheaval: A Temporocentric ChallengeSidney M. Willhelm
62  Sagan's FollyLewis M. Greenberg
83  Sagan's "Ten Plagues"Ralph E. Juergens
102  "Just Plainly Wrong": A Critique of Peter HuberLynn E. Rose
113  On Morrison: Some Preliminary RemarksRalph E. Juergens
121  Velikovsky Versus Academic Lag (The Problem of Hypothesis)  A. M. Paterson
132  The Venus "Greenhouse Theory" -- DebunkedLewis M. Greenberg
135  Sagan's Appendices: A Quick AppendectomyC. J. Ransom
139  Select Bibliography of Velikovsky's Correct Prognostications
140  Asimov in ConfusionLewis M. Greenberg
142  Addenda Et Corrigenda ...
144  Notes about the Contributors


  1. Lewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. Sizemore (editors), Velikovsky and Establishment Science, A Special Issue of the journal Kronos, Publ. November 1977 Kronos Press, Glassboro, New Jersey. ISBN 0-917994-03-5 (hardback), ISBN 0-917994-04-3 (softback)
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