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The Age of Velikovsky

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The Age of Velikovsky book cover.

The Age of Velikovsky (1976) is a book by C.J. Ransom, describing itself as:

"A guide to Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos, and other essential writings of Velikovsky, providing a key to the theories as well as the controversies they provoke"[1]


Early Life of Dr Velikovsky
• Chapter I:The Review
• Chapter II:The Events
• Chapter III:The Historical Construction
• Chapter IV:The Common Questions
• Chapter V:The Planets and Moon
• Chapter VI:Dating Methods and Misapplications
• Chapter VII:The Earth
• Chapter VIII:  The Modern Affair
Historical Supplement


  1. C. J. Ransom, The Age of Velikovsky, 1976, Dell Publishing Co., Inc.ISBN 0-440-50323-X
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