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Recollections of a Fallen Sky

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Recollections of a Fallen Sky book cover

Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia (1978) is a book edit by Earl Milton, consisting of the collection of the papers presented at the University of Lethbridge conferences "Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia" which ran May 9 and 10, 1974. The book notes that:

"The papers presented in this volume are revised versions of the papers originally presented at the Symposium and from the first collection of papers on the subject of cultural Amnesia since Velikovsky introduced the topic in Worlds in Collision. The papers have been examined by other experts in the field concerned, criticisms were collected, and the authors were allowed to make minor changes in the hope that a more accomplished volume could be produced. [..]
"Although the papers all relate to some aspect of Cultural Amnesia, they deal with subjects as diverse as anthropology, geology, narrative art, and psychiatry. While the task of showing relationships between them is desirable, it is difficult. It is may hope that the interpretation presented here, with which the authors might not agree, will stimulate readers to consider carefully the papers and their relation to Cultural Amnesia."[1]


  • Foreword, Earl R. Milton
  • Cultural Amnesia: The Submergence of Terrifying Events in the Racial Memory and Their Later Emergence, Immanuel Velikovsky
  • Palaetiology of Fear and Memory, Alfred de Grazia
  • Psychological Aspects of the Work of Immanuel Velikovsky, John MacGregor
  • Structuring the Apocalypse: Old and New World Variations, William Mullen
  • Shakespeare and Velikovsky: Catastrophic Theory and the Springs of Art, Irving Wolfe
  • Catastrophism and Uniformity: A Probe into the Origins of the 1832 Gestalt Shift in Geology, George Grinnell
  • Living with Velikovsky: Catastrophism as a World View, Patrick Doran
  • Afterword, Immanuel Velikovsky
  • Appendix I: About the Authors
  • Appendix II. Honourary Degree Awarded to Immanual Velikovsky


  1. Earl Milton (ed.) Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia (1978) Metron Publications. ISBN-10: 0940268280, ISBN-13: 978-0940268289

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