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List of SIS Workshop contributors:

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IssueArticle TitleAuthor(s)Surname
Workshop no1The Bible Through a King James FilterMartin SieffSieff
Workshop no1The Background to 'Ramses II and His Time'Geoffrey GammonGammon
Workshop no1Midsummer MadnessMike RowlandRowland
Workshop no1ReviewRalph A. SperrySperry
Workshop no2Lessons in Humility?Malcolm LoweryLowery
Workshop no2Origins of the Zodiac and some Horological ProblemsMichael G. ReadeReade
Workshop no2The Beginning Of Religious BeliefMike RowlandRowland
Workshop no2Cosmic Imagery Prom the Time of JosephBrendan O'GheoghanO'Gheoghan
Workshop no2The Catastrophic Substructure of the Samson & Delilah MythDerek P. Shelley-PearceShelley-Pearce
Workshop no2Book ReviewsMichael StartStart
Workshop no2Scandinavian ReportRagnar ForshufvudForshufvud
Workshop no3King Solomon's Mines?Nel KluitmanKluitman
Workshop no3Angels & Catastrophism - Some Theological Implications - Part IDerek DouglassDouglass
Workshop no3Response to Mike Roland, "The Begninning of Religious Belief"John J. BimsonBimson
Workshop no3Further Thoughts On Timeby Mike RowlandRowland
Workshop no4Chronological Questions and Question-MarksVera I. KerkhofKerkhof
Workshop no4Menkheperre Thutmose, A.K.A. Shishak MelechMonty Hennegin and Malcolm LoweryLowery
Workshop no4Angel & Catastrophism Part IIDerek DouglassDouglass
Workshop no4Book ReviewMartin SieffSieff
Workshop no5Geological ReflectionsRobert M. LangdonLangdon
Workshop no5A Point Of ViewLeroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Workshop no5Holocaust For LuciferChris MarxMarx
Workshop no5Exodus And PhaetonM . G. ReadeReade
Workshop no5A LATER DATE FOR THE PHAETHON EVENT?B. O'GheoghanO'Gheoghan
Workshop no5Book ReviewsP. C. McIlmoyleMcIlmoyle
Workshop no6Some Interdisciplinary Speculations (?)R. M. LangdonLangdon
Workshop vol.0202The Antiquity of the Egyptian DecansMichael G. Reade, D.S.C.Reade
Workshop vol.0202Book ReviewPeter JamesJames
Workshop vol.0203A Look At The FutureR. FORSHUFVUDFORSHUFVUD
Workshop vol.0203ReviewPeter JamesJames
Workshop vol.0204Sodom and GomorrahJames E. StricklingStrickling
Workshop vol.0301Io, Europa and VenusR.D. MacKinnonMacKinnon
Workshop vol.0301David, Detente and Pharaoh's Daughterby Clark WheltonWhelton
Workshop vol.0302Running Rings Round The GiantsR. M. LoweryLowery
Workshop vol.0302Some Notes on the Revised Chronology (part one)Lester J. MitchamMitcham
Workshop vol.0302East is East?Brian MooreMoore
Workshop vol.0302Ankylosis in the Chronology of Reconstructed History?Christoph MarxMarx
Workshop vol.0302The Father of the Gods?by Martin SieffSieff
Workshop vol.0303Voyager: Questions and AnswersMartin SieffSieff
Workshop vol.0303Confirmation of Dr Velikovsky's Theories Regarding Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Forces in Celestial MechanicsIan C. JohnsonJohnson
Workshop vol.0303Some Notes on the Revised Chronology (part two)Lester J. MitchamMitcham
Workshop vol.0304The Thermal Equations Of VenusEric CrewCrew
Workshop vol.0304Did Venus As A Protoplanet Ever Look Like A "Comet"?Chris MarxMarx
Workshop vol.0401Falls of Blood from VenusBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Workshop vol.0401Assuruballit and his TimeLester J. MitchamMitcham
Workshop vol.0401Weinert's HypothesisFrederick B. JuenemanJueneman
Workshop vol.0401The Hittites in IsraelMartin SieffSieff
Workshop vol.0402Kentish CatastrophesJill AberyAbery
Workshop vol.0402Assyria and the End of the Late Bronze AgeMartin SieffSieff
Workshop vol.0402The Beaker Folk, Survivors of Catastrophe?W. L. GoodmanGoodman
Workshop vol.0402Some Religious Themes in the Light of Velikovsky et aliaHugh EggletonEggleton
Workshop vol.0403A Solution for the Third Intermediate Period of EgyptPhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop vol.0403"Limited Fusion" and "Anode-Stars"Martin SieffSieff
Workshop vol.0403Did Saturn Explode Twice?Hugh EggletonEggleton
Workshop vol.0403Phoebus Apollo - Aspect of VenusElizabeth GaudryGaudry
Workshop vol.0404The Evolutionist-Creationist Battle: A Threat to Catastrophist EvolutionJill AberyAbery
Workshop vol.0404A Date Correction for Ramses IILester J. MitchamMitcham
Workshop vol.0404Thoughts on the Cave of KamaresJill AberyAbery
Workshop vol.0404The Exodus in the Pyramid Texts?Walter WarshawskyWarshawsky
Workshop vol.0404More on ApolloK. A. LeFlemLeFlem
Workshop vol.0501Saturn's Flare-upsDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop vol.0501Analogous Mountain BuildingD. A. SLADESLADE
Workshop vol.0501Amenophis, Osarsiph and Arzu. More on the Third Intermediate Period of EgyptK. A. LEFLEMLEFLEM
Workshop vol.0501Sethosis: the Seti II from the Kinglists?Peter van der VeenVeen
Workshop vol.0502Probable Visibilities of Venus at the Time of the Supposed Spin Rate Acceleration of the EarthMichael G. ReadeReade
Workshop vol.0502Mercury and the Tower of BabelHugh EggletonEggleton
Workshop vol.0502An Alternative to the Velikovskian Chronology for Ancient EgyptDavid Rohl & Peter JamesJames
Workshop vol.0503Josephus and VelikovskyGeorge R. HarveyHarvey
Workshop vol.0503The Pleiades in Aboriginal MythologyJ. E. AITCHISONAITCHISON
Workshop vol.0503A Few Comments Upon Re-reading "Worlds in Collision"Paul W. StandringStandring
Workshop vol.0601The Search For SethosJohn J. BimsonBimson
Workshop vol.0601Velikovsky's Mythology, Accepting the Premise...Chris BoylesBoyles
Workshop vol.0601Ice Cores And CatastrophismBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Workshop vol.0602Cosmic Catastrophe in 'Paradise Lost'A.W.W
Workshop vol.0603Megaliths, Moon Cycles, and Movements of the EarthJill AberyAbery
Workshop vol.0603Some Notes on Catastrophism in the ClassicsHugh CrosthwaiteCrosthwaite
Workshop vol.0603ShilohTerry LawrenceLawrence
Workshop vol.0603Planetary WorshipDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop w1986no1Ekron and Gath - The Location of the Interior Cities of the Philistines Reconsideredby Terry LawrenceLawrence
Workshop w1986no1The Waters that Never Really PartedRoger AshtonAshton
Workshop w1986no1Ninsianna And Ramesside Star ObservationsMichael G. ReadeReade
Workshop w1986no2Abraham In EgyptE. J. SweeneySweeney
Workshop w1986no2The Land(s) of PuntDaniel KlineKline
Workshop w1986no2Computed Planetary Orbits and the Babylonian Observations of VenusEric W CrewCrew
Workshop w1987no1Tektites, Wildfires and the Extinction of the Dinosaursby Trevor PalmerPalmer
Workshop w1987no1Earthquakes in the Early Irish TraditionEmmet J. SweeneySweeney
Workshop w1987no1A CRITICAL RE-APPRAISAL OF THE BOOK OF GENESISDamien F. Mackey, Frank Calneggia and Paul MoneyMoney
Workshop w1987no1The Parting of the Waters of the Red SeaRagnar ForshufvudForshufvud
Workshop w1987no2Late Pleistocene Extinctions: No Evidence for Plato's AtlantisTrevor PalmerPalmer
Workshop w1987no2Thera: Chronology at a Crossroads?Bernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Workshop w1988no2Planetary Identities: I, The Concept of DeityDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop w1988no2The Israelites and the 18th Dynastyby ANTHONY H. REESREES
Workshop w1988no2Abraham and PhallicismGeorge R. HarveyHarvey
Workshop w1988no2Before the Greeks: Professor Davis's Cretan DeciphermentsAlan DilnotDilnot
Workshop w1988no2Ancient CalendarsDick AtkinsonAtkinson
Workshop w1989no1Planetary Identities: II The Mythology of HomerDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop w1989no1The Ramesside Star Tables and Reade's Venus Tablet ReconstructionJohn D. WeirWeir
Workshop w1989no1The Hebrew Patriarchs in Greek Tradition (Part I)Anthony H. ReesRees
Workshop w1989no1Punctuated Darwinism?Jill AberyAbery
Workshop w1989no2Venus Tablet AnomaliesJohn D. WeirWeir
Workshop w1989no2Directed Mutation in BacteriaJill AberyAbery
Workshop w1989no2Good MedicineDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Workshop w1990no1Solomon, The Exodus and Abraham Related to Egyptian ChronologyR. M. PorterPorter
Workshop w1990no1Celestial Mechanics of the Half-century Venus IntervalRobert B. DriscollDriscoll
Workshop w1990no1On Dating the Trojan WarSteven RobinsonRobinson
Workshop w1990no2Thera and the Exodus: the Cause and the EffectDavid A. SladeSlade
Workshop w1990no2The Etruscans and their LanguageHugh CrosthwaiteCrosthwaite
Workshop w1990no2The Exo-Synchronous Molecular Evolutionary ClockGeorge R. HarveyHarvey
Workshop w1990no2The Origins of the Spartan State in the New ChronologyDavid RohlRohl
Workshop w1990no2Lies, Damned Lies and ....Alasdair BealBeal
Workshop w1991no1An Answer to the Critics of Ramses II and His TimeEmmet SweeneySweeney
Workshop w1991no1The Past Comes DownDr. Heribert IlligIllig
Workshop w1991no1Stories of Radioactivity and MutationsGeorge R. HarveyHarvey
Workshop w1991no1Site Stratification: is it a Sound Methodology?Jesse E. LaskenLasken
Workshop w1991no2Egyptian Monumental EvidenceTony ReesRees
Workshop w1991no2The Goddess of the Stones and the Charged Cosmic BodyEric CrewCrew
Workshop w1991no2Report Summary of the Potomac Excavation, 45. 18, 20.4 X 10Duane VorheesVorhees
Workshop w1992no1Comets and the Bronze Age CollapseBob KobresKobres
Workshop w1992no1How Old is Greenland's Ice Cap?Alasdair BealBeal
Workshop w1992no1The Thirteenth Theory of the HyksosGunnar HeinsohnHeinsohn
Workshop w1992no1The Stratigraphy of IsraelR. M. PorterPorter
Workshop w1992no1Menelaos in EgyptEmmet J. SweeneySweeney
Workshop w1992no2Geological GenesisHarold TresmanTresman
Workshop w1992no2Chronological Implications of a Proper Identification of the LabyrinthJesse E. LaskenLasken
Workshop w1992no2A Chronology for Mesopotamia (contra Heinsohn)A. H. ReesRees
Workshop w1992no2Shamash and SinDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop w1992no2Darkness Over Sinai (Where was Moses when the light went out?)David A. SladeSlade
Workshop w1993no1Chronological Implications of a Proper Identification of the Labyrinth: Part IIJesse E. LaskenLasken
Workshop w1993no1Geological GenesisHarold TresmanTresman
Workshop w1993no1Compelling Insights: Concluded in SorrowDwardu CardonaCardona
Workshop w1994no1Exploring The Saturn Myth Allan BeggsBeggs
Workshop w1994no1Our Tilted EarthGordon P. WilliamsWilliams
Workshop w1994no1Assyrians and Babylonian Chronologies for 8th - 6th Centuries BCC.L. PrasherPrasher
Workshop w1994no2The Dust-up Over Ice CoresDavid A. SladeSlade
Workshop w1994no2Ice Cores and Cosmically Induced Volcanic EruptionsDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Workshop w1994no2Egyptian Language AnomaliesJesse E. LaskenLasken
Workshop w1994no2C&C Workshop Prize CrosswordJ. N. GreenGreen
Workshop w1995no1BookshelfJill AberyAbery
Workshop w1995no1A New Theory of Celtic FestivalsJ.M. WilliamsWilliams
Workshop w1995no1Jupiter in Collision: In Search of Velikovsky's CometMilton ZysmanZysman
Workshop w1995no1Comments on Greta Hort's 'The Plagues of Egypt'David SalkeldSalkeld
Workshop w1995no1The Patchwork PentateuchDick AtkinsonAtkinson
Workshop w1995no1Earth LightsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop w1995no1Pul and Tiglath-Pileser III - A Response to JonssonBrad AaronsonAaronson
Workshop w1995no1C&C Workshop Prize Crossword No. 3J. N. GreenGreen
Workshop w1995no2Baal-Manzer The Tyrian: A ReappraisalBrad AaronsonAaronson
Workshop w1995no2David, Solomon & Archaeology: Revised Chronologies ComparedJeremy GoldbergGoldberg
Workshop w1995no2The MacCecht and CuchulainnPhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop w1995no2Egyptian Chronology - The Multiple Name FactorJesse E. LaskenLasken
Workshop w1995no2Bel and DragonsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop w1995no2Workshop Prize Crossword No. 4 'The Last'J. N. GreenGreen
Workshop w2003no1The Celestial TowerEmmet J SweeneySweeney
Workshop w2003no2Ishtar, Isis, Baal and the AtenMichael G ReadeReade
Workshop w2003no3LetterNieves MathewsMathews
Workshop w2003no3Hatshepsut, The Queen of Sheba and VelikovskyEmmet J SweeneSweene
Workshop w2004no1Hatshepsut, The Queen of Sheba and VelikovskyEmmet J SweeneySweeney
Workshop w2005no1Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent DevelopmentsSteve MitchellMitchell
Workshop w2005no1Old Testament TalesDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Workshop w2005no1Rectification of the Assyrian and Babylonian King Lists – A Velikovskian ApproachMichael G. ReadeReade
Workshop w2005no1Crustal Distortion in the HolocenePhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop w2005no1Additional Data for the Combined Velikovsky, Glasgow and Heinsohn Scenario?Sjef van AstenAsten
Workshop w2005no2Old Testament TalesDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Workshop w2005no2Babylonians and Persians: The Business ArchivesLaurence DixonDixon
Workshop w2005no2Anno Domini AnomaliesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Workshop w2005no2Medieval Europe: Dating and Recent DevelopmentsSteve MitchellMitchell
Workshop w2005no3Is Illig Right, and and AD Chronology Wrong?Emmet J. SweeneySweeney
Workshop w2005no3Two gold masksJill AberyAbery
Workshop w2005no3Medieval Europe: Dating And Recent DevelopmentsSteve MitchellMitchell
Workshop w2005no3Ice Age AnomaliesPhillip ClaphamClapham
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