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List of SIS Review contributors:

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IssueArticle TitleAuthor(s)Surname
Newsletter 1First ReportHarold TresmanTresman
Newsletter 1Recent DevelopmentsDr. Euan MackieMackie
Newsletter 1The McMaster University Symposium - June 1974Dr. Euan MacKieMacKie
Newsletter 1Velikovsky: The Score of SuccessMartin SieffSieff
Newsletter 1Velikovsky: The Open Minded ApproachMartin SieffSieff
Newsletter 1Book SectionJ. B. MooreMoore
Newsletter 2A Challenge to the Integrity of Science?Dr Euan MaCkieMaCkie
Newsletter 2Scientists support VelikovskyDr C.J. RansomRansom
Newsletter 2Objections To The Revised ChronologyJohn DayDay
Newsletter 2F. X. Kugler -- Almost a CatastrophistMalcolm LoweryLowery
Newsletter 2BookshelfBrian MooreMoore
Review v0101Aphrodite - The Moon or Venus?Peter JamesJames
Review v0101Myth and MethodIan GrantGrant
Review v0101In Defence of the Revised ChronologyMartin SieffSieff
Review v0102Megalithic AstronomyEuan MacKieMacKie
Review v0102Electricity in Astronomy 2Eric CrewCrew
Review v0102Manna as a ConfectionM G ReadeReade
Review v0102Diana at EphesusPeter James & Martin SieffSieff
Review v0102In Defence of the Revised ChronologyMartin Sieff assisted by Peter JamesJames
Review v0103The Conquest of Canaan AND THE REVISED CHRONOLOGYJohn J BimsomBimsom
Review v0103The Walls Of JerichoGeoffrey GammonGammon
Review v0103Aphrodite The Moon or Venus? (Continued)Alfred de GraziaGrazia
Review v0103Electricity in Astronomy /3Eric CrewCrew
Review v0103BookshelfBrian MooreMoore
Review v0103On Schools Of ThoughtR G A DolbyDolby
Review v0104Schools of Thought - A ReplyHugo MeynellMeynell
Review v0104Rockenbach's 'De Cometis' and the Identity of TyphonJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0104The Circularisation of Planetary OrbitsAndrew HamiltonHamilton
Review v0104Planets in the Bible: I -- The Cosmology of JobMartin SieffSieff
Review v0104Galactic Space Charge and Stellar EnergyRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Review v0105The Inexact Science of Radiometric DatingRoy MackinnonMackinnon
Review v0105A Further Note on the Archaeology of JerichoJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0105Notes on the Androgynous CometZvi RixRix
Review v0105BookshelfBrian MooreMoore
Review v0201Some Notes on Senmut's CeilingMalcolm LoweryLowery
Review v0201Senmut and PhaetonM G Reade D.S.C.,Reade
Review v0201'Worlds in Collision' and the Birth of MonotheismHyam MaccobyMaccoby
Review v0201'Peoples of the Sea': An Art Historical PerspectiveLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Review v0201Electricity in Astronomy (4)Eric CrewCrew
Review v0202The Primordial Light?Harold Tresman & B. O'GheoghanO'Gheoghan
Review v0202The Primordial Light?Harold Tresman & B. O'GheoghanTresman
Review v0202Senmut and Phaeton: Supplementary NotesMichael ReadeReade
Review v0202Recent Origin and Decay of the Earth's Magnetic FieldThomas G. BarnesBarnes
Review v0203Dating the "Admonitions": Advance ReportMalcolm LoweryLowery
Review v0203A Chart to Illustrate the Conquest of CanaanJohn BimsonBimson
Review v0203The Hyksos and the Archaeology of PalestineJohn BimsonBimson
Review v0203Did Thutmose III Despoil the Temple in Jerusalem?Eva DaneliusDanelius
Review v0203The Dating of the El-Amarna LettersPeter JamesJames
Review v0203The Sulman Temple in JerusalemImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0203The Two JehoramsMartin SieffSieff
Review v0203A Chronology for the Eighteenth DynastyGeoffrey GammonGammon
Review v0203Radiocarbon Dates for the Eighteenth DynastyEuan MacKieMacKie
Review v0204'Worlds in Collision' and the Prince of DenmarkIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v0204Isotopic Anomalies in Chronometric ScienceDon RobinsRobins
Review v0204A Response to Dr MilsomThomas BarnesBarnes
Review v0204The Determinants of Scientific BehaviourBrian MartinMartin
Review v0204How Much Did They Know?Michael StartStart
Review v0301The Arrival of the Philistines and the Revised ChronologyJohn BimsonBimson
Review v0301"Proofs" of the Stability of the Solar SystemRobert W. BassBass
Review v0301A Philosophy for Interdisciplinary StudiesHugo MeynellMeynell
Review v0302The Sybil and Dr StecchiniMalcolm LoweryLowery
Review v0302RetrospectImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0302A Critique of "Ramses II and His Time"Peter JamesJames
Review v0302The Place of Horemheb in Egyptian HistoryGeoffrey GammonGammon
Review v0302An Eighth-Century Date for MerenptahJohn BimsonBimson
Review v0303A Chronology for the Middle Kingdom and Israel's Egyptian BondageJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0303Khima and KesilImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0303"Worlds in Collision" and the Prince of Denmark: II. Hamlet and Meso-American MythIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v0304Metallurgy and ChronologyPeter J. JamesJames
Review v0304The Dresden Codex and Velikovsky's Catastrophe DatesNancy K. OwenOwen
Review v0304Nebuchadrezzar and NeriglissarCarl Olof JonssonJonsson
Review v0304Radiocarbon Dates and Cultural ChangeEuan W. MacKieMacKie
Review v0304Geomagnetic Reversals?Peter WarlowWarlow
Review v0401The Birth of PlanetsPeter WarlowWarlow
Review v0401Some Notes on the "Assuruballit Problem"Peter J. JamesJames
Review v0401Venus Hothouse - The Other TheoryFrederic B. JuenemanJueneman
Review v0401Minerals, Metals, Glazing and ManJohn Dayton assisted by Ann DaytonDayton
Review v0402to3In Memoriam: Dr Immanuel VelikovskyDr Alfred de GraziaGrazia
Review v0402to3The Genesis of the Jerusalem ScriptaDr Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0402to3The Ramesside Star TablesMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v0402to3"Extra-Scientific" Dimensions of ScienceDr Robert McAulayMcAulay
Review v0402to3An Eighth-Century Date for Merenptah?Dr John Day, Dr John Bimson and Peter J. JamesJames
Review v0402to3Reversals of the Earth?C. Leroy Ellenberger, Eric W. Crew, Peter WarlowWarlow
Review v0402to3Evidence for the Marine Deposition of CoalHarold G. CoffinCoffin
Review v0404Venus An Interim ReportWal ThornhillThornhill
Review v0404The Queen of Sheba and the Song of SongsHyam MaccobyMaccoby
Review v0404A Possible Reference to King David in Ugaritic LiteratureTom ChetwyndChetwynd
Review v0404Bronze Age Destructions in the Near EastGeoffrey GammonGammon
Review v0501Electric Stars in a Gravity-Less Electrified CosmosEarl R. MiltonMilton
Review v0501Dating the Wars of Seti IJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0501A New Introduction to Earth in UpheavalImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0501Wegener LegacyPeter J. SmithSmith
Review v0502Ebla ReconsideredJohn BimsonBimson
Review v0502Science and NoveltyBruno De FinettiFinetti
Review v0502What's in a Name? -- Venus "The Newcomer"Malcolm LoweryLowery
Review v0502An Introduction to the Evidence of the PanchasiddhantikaMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v0502A Dynamical Objection to Warlow's Inversion of the EarthVictor J. SlabinskiSlabinski
Review v0502The Anomalous Condition of Venus and the Origin of the Solar SystemV. Axel FirsoffFirsoff
Review v0502BookshelfBrian MooreMoore
Review v0502Chaos and CreationAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Review v0503Mankind In AmnesiaImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Review v0504Cometary Catastrophes and the Ideas of Immanuel VelikovskyVictor ClubeClube
Review v0504Velikovsky and His HeroesMartin SieffSieff
Review v0504Ankylosis in the Chronology of Reconstructed History?Christoph MarxMarx
Review v0504The Years 763 and 687 BCJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0601to3Introduction to the ProceedingsBrian MooreMoore
Review v0601to3The Nature of the Historical RecordGeoffrey J. GammonGammon
Review v0601to3Can There be a Revised Chronology Without a Revised Stratigraphy?Dr John J. BimsonBimson
Review v0601to3Chronological Problems in the Archaeology of the HittitesPeter J. JamesJames
Review v0601to3The Astronomical Basis of Egyptian ChronologyProf. A. E. RoyRoy
Review v0601to3Radiocarbon Dating and Egyptian ChronologyDr Euan MackieMackie
Review v0601to3The Stability of the Solar System: An Historical PerspectiveProf. A. E. RoyRoy
Review v0601to3The Celestial Dynamics of "Worlds in Collision"Dr Robert W. BassBass
Review v070aIn Defence of Sir Fred HoyleDr Michael ShallisShallis
Review v070aCatastrophism and EvolutionTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v070aCelestial Dynamics and "Worlds in Collision"Earl MiltonMilton
Review v070aAn Appendix to My Articles on Hatshepsut and Thutmose IIIEva DaneliusDanelius
Review v070aBookshelfBrian MooreMoore
Review v0801Shoshenq I and the Traditions of New Kingdom Kingship in EgyptMichael JonesJones
Review v0801Shoshenq and Shishak: A Case of Mistaken IdentityJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v0801El-Hiba RevisitedDavid RohlRohl
Review v1987Return to the Tippe TopPeter WarlowWarlow
Review v1987The Foundations of the Assyro-Babylonian ChronologyCarl Olof JonssonJonsson
Review v1987The Cautious RevolutionaryTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1988The Military Strategy of Sheshonq/Shishak in PalestineDr William H. SheaShea
Review v1988The el-Amarna Letters and the New ChronologyDavid Rohl and Bernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Review v1988Erratic Events in the Solar SystemEric W. CrewCrew
Review v1988Formation of Chondritic Meteorites and the Solar SystemWal ThornhillThornhill
Review v1988Nemesis for Evolutionary Gradualism?Trevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1989Shoshenq's Palestinian Campaign: a reply to SheaJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v1989Towards a new Evolutionary SynthesisTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1989Drayson's hypothesis: the Earth's tilt cycleRichard J. HuggettHuggett
Review v1989Some Thoughts on Inversion CalculationsT. WILLIAM FIELDFIELD
Review v1989Objections Overruled - A Reappraisal Of Earth Inversion DynamicsDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v1989The River of OceanDwardu CardonaCardona
Review v1989The Historicity of the Homeric Poems and TraditionsDavid RohlRohl
Review v1990Homeric Troy and the Greek Dark AgeDwardu CardonaCardona
Review v1990The Greek Colonisation Movement - When and Why?David RohlRohl
Review v1990The Erratic Descent of ManTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1990Interdisciplinary IndisciplineDick AtkinsonAtkinson
Review v1991Earth Tectonics Viewed from Rock MechanicsMelvin A. CookCook
Review v1991The Archaeology of Shiloh and Pottery ChronologyBob PorterPorter
Review v1991ISIS Fellowship LectureProf Manfred BietakBietak
Review v1991Should the European Oak Dendrochronologies be Re-examined?Jesse E. LaskenLasken
Review v1991Calibrated Radiocarbon and the 'Methodological Fault-Line'Bernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Review v1991A Bit Creaky? - Tree Rings, Radiocarbon and Ancient HistoryAlasdair N. BealBeal
Review v1992The Venus Tablets and ClimateJohn D. WeirWeir
Review v1992Anomalous Occurrence of Crocodilia in Eocene Polar ForestsIan C. JohnsonJohnson
Review v1992Misusing Radiocarbon: A Case StudyJesse E. LaskenLasken
Review v1992On the Length of Reigns of the Sumerian KingsHildegard Wiencke-LotzWiencke-Lotz
Review v1992Velikovsky and Catastrophism: A Hidden Agenda?Irving WolfeWolfe
Review v1992Out of the Desert? Geoffrey GammonGammon
Review v1993The Ninsianna tablets, a preliminary reconstructionMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v1993Anomalous Occurrence of Crocodilia in Eocene Polar Forests Part TwoIan C. JohnsonJohnson
Review v1993The Origins of the Latin God MarsEv CochraneCochrane
Review v1993Centuries of Darkness? - a Challenge to the Conventional ChronologyGeoffrey GammonGammon
Review v1993Centuries of Darkness? - the reviewers reviewedBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Review v1993camThe SIS, its history and achievements: a personal perspectiveHarold TresmanTresman
Review v1993camThe Nature and Scale of an Exodus Catastrophe ReassessedJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v1993cam Bronze Age Multi-Site Destructions (A Preliminary Review)Robert M. PorterPorter
Review v1993camA Catastrophic Reading of Religious SystemsIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v1993camA Catastrophic Reading of Western CosmologyIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v1993camEvidence for the Extreme Youth of VenusWal ThornhillThornhill
Review v1993camEnheduanna and the Goddess InannaBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Review v1993camA Harbinger of the Exodus?David SalkeldSalkeld
Review v1993camCatastrophism and AnthropologyBenny Josef PeiserPeiser
Review v1994A Catastrophist Reading of Religious SystemsIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v1994Shishak - Ramesses II or Ramesses III?Robert M. PorterPorter
Review v1994Artificially Structured Biblical ChronologiesAnthony H. ReesRees
Review v1995The New York Velikovsky Centenary ConferenceDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v1995Velikovsky: Yesterday, Today and TomorrowClark WheltonWhelton
Review v1995Ice Cores and ChronologyJohn E. DaytonDayton
Review v1995The Evolution of the Bronze AgeJohn DaytonDayton
Review v1995Scientific Evidence for A Major World Catastrophe About 11,500 Years Ago: A Preliminary SelectionD S Allan and J B DelairDelair
Review v1996n1Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism and Evolution Trevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1996n1The Homeric QuestionBenny J. PeiserPeiser
Review v1996n1ShamirPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1996n1Einstein and RelativityAlasdair N. BealBeal
Review v1996n2Towards an astronomical dating of the pyramidsMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v1996n2The Wabar Meteorite Crater in the Empty Quarter of Saudi ArabiaGerrit L. VerschuurVerschuur
Review v1996n2Planetary Observations of the T'ang DynastyCharles B. RaspilRaspil
Review v1996n2The Genesis of Israel and EgyptEmmett J. SweeneySweeney
Review v1997n1Solomon And Shebaby Damien F. MackeyMackey
Review v1997n1Habiru and HebrewDick AtkinsonAtkinson
Review v1997n1ShamirDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v1997n1A possible connection between the Aztec Sun Stone and western civilisationsFlavio BarbieroBarbiero
Review v1997n1Chronological Placements of the Dynasties of ManethoJesse E. LaskenLasken
Review v1997n1Ice Caps, Continental Shift and the Break up of PangaeaMelvin A. CookCook
Review v1997n1Critique of David Rohl's A Test of TimeDale F. MurphieMurphie
Review v1997n1ExodusPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n1Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyR.M. PorterPorter
Review v1997n1Relativity CornerAlasdair BealBeal
Review v1997n2Planet in Crisis: the Earth's Last 12,000 YearsJ.B. DelairDelair
Review v1997n2Milk and honeyPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2Sea Level ChangesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2Worlds in Collision After HeinsohnWilliam MullenMullen
Review v1997n2Sir Norman Lockyer (1836-1920)Phillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2Shishak, the kings of Judah and some synchronismsMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v1997n2BookshelfJill AberyAbery
Review v1997n2Origins: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Myth by James E. StricklingTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1997n2Mythic Ireland by Michael DamesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2The Sacred Mythological Centres of Ireland by Jack RobertsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2The Impact of Impact! Notes on the implications and the reception of IMPACT! The Threat of Comets and Asteroids by Gerrit VerschuurBenny J PeiserPeiser
Review v1997n2The Avebury Cycle by Michael DamesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1997n2Electricity in Astronomy, 1847Michael G. ReadeReade
Review v1998n1It's Time to Get Serious About ManethoDale F. MurphieMurphie
Review v1998n1A Theory Of Lunar DisturbanceLen SaundersSaunders
Review v1998n1Experiments with Time. I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies'Geoffrey Knowler BarnardBarnard
Review v1998n1The Oera Linda bookDerel BriarleyBriarley
Review v1998n1Dating the Hammurabi Dynasty Using the Venus TabletsJohn D. WeirWeir
Review v1998n1Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole'Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v1998n2In Defence of Higher ChronologiesLynn E. RoseRose
Review v1998n2New Physics Supports Planetary CatastrophismWallace ThornhillThornhill
Review v1998n2Venus, Mars ... and SaturnEv CochraneCochrane
Review v1998n2Snapshots of the Gods?Charles RaspilRaspil
Review v1998n2A Tale of Two Mountains: Ararat and SinaiDamien F. MackeyMackey
Review v1998n2Experiments with Time II: Synchronisms and StratigraphiesGeoffrey Knowler BarnardBarnard
Review v1999n1The Causal Source for the Climatic Changes at 2300 BCMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v1999n1Merlin and the Round TempleEmmett J. SweeneySweeney
Review v1999n1Comalcalco: A Case for Early Pre-Columbian Contact and Influence?David J. EccottEccott
Review v1999n1Another Velikovsky Affray: the HistoriesDale F. MurphieMurphie
Review v1999n1Saul, David and SolomonJ. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v1999n1Rethinking HatshepsutDavid K. DownDown
Review v1999n1Venus years - An explanatory noteMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v1999n1The Mammoths' Demise - a correct solution requires more factsGordon P. WilliamsWilliams
Review v1999n1Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyR.M. PorterPorter
Review v1999n1The Oera Linda Book AgainJohn J BimsonBimson
Review v1999n1BookshelfJill AberyAbery
Review v1999n1A Bronze Age Disaster. Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic encounters with comets by M.G.L. BailliePeter JamesJames
Review v1999n1Book reviewsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1999n1Act of God by Graham PhillipsJohn CroweCrowe
Review v1999n1New Insights into Antiquity - A Drawing Aside of the Veil by R. PetersenJill AberyAbery
Review v1999n1The Gentile Times Reconsidered: Chronology and Christ's Return by Carl Olof JonssonLynn E. RoseRose
Review v1999n1Society NewsJill AberyAbery
Review v1999n1Conventional Chronologists: Sothic or So Thick?John CroweCrowe
Review v1999n2Moderating the Middle AgesDerel BriarleyBriarley
Review v1999n2Fomenko and English HistoryJames T. Palmer and Trevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1999n2Benoît De Maillet (1656-1738): A Forerunner of the Theory of the Desiccation of the Mediterranean SeaCándido Manuel García CruzCruz
Review v1999n2Fomenko is right!Allan BeggsBeggs
Review v1999n2Sothic Dating: the Shameless EnterpriseJess E. LaskenLasken
Review v1999n2Climate changesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1999n2Assyria: is the Conventional Profile Believable?J. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v1999n2The Merlin 'Vision' and the 6th Century 'Event'John MichaelMichael
Review v1999n2The Sword in the StoneEmmett J. SweeneySweeney
Review v1999n2Up-date of year counts in the time of the Divided Monarchy (Israel and Judah)Michael G. ReadeReade
Review v1999n2Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyR.M. PorterPorter
Review v1999n2Ancient Mysteries by Peter James & Nick ThorpeTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v1999n2Sun, Moon and Sothis by Lynn E. RoseMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v1999n2The Great Wave by David Hacket FischerPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v1999n2The SIS Silver Jubilee Event, September 1999Jill AberyAbery
Review v1999n2Ancient History Study Group Report on meeting of 6th March 1999John CroweCrowe
Review v1999n2SIS Study Group Meeting 16th October 1999John CroweCrowe
Review v2000n1Saturday: IntroductionHarold TresmanTresman
Review v2000n1Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years - a PerspectiveJohn CroweCrowe
Review v2000n1A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised ChronologyJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v2000n1Evidence From the Moon, Newgrange and Stonehenge Indicates Lunar DisturbanceLeonard SaundersSaunders
Review v2000n1The Importance of Outsiders in ScienceBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Review v2000n1Archetypes Showing The Presence of Anomalous Electromagnetic ActivityCharles RaspilRaspil
Review v2000n1Sirius and SaturnLynn E. RoseRose
Review v2000n1The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration TheoryDwardu CardonaCardona
Review v2000n1The Electric UniverseWal ThornhillThornhill
Review v2000n1The Saturn TheoryEv CochraneCochrane
Review v2000n1The Saturn ProblemPeter J. JamesJames
Review v2000n1Catastrophes: the Diluvial EvidenceTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2001n1Geomagnetic Effects of an Earthwide Event in 2300BCMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2001n1On Velikovsky's OrbitsLaurence C W DixonDixon
Review v2001n1Black Sea FloodPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n1An Investigation into the Reality of the Early Medieval Dark AgeTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2001n1The Dark Ages hiatus: a response to Clark WheltonSteve MitchellMitchell
Review v2001n1The origin of the sacred 260 day calendar of the early Mesoamerican civilisations: a hypothesisBob JohnsonJohnson
Review v2001n1More Problems with Sothic DatingJesse E. LaskenLasken
Review v2001n1The Saint and the MiraclePhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n1Thiele's Assyrian RelianceJ. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v2001n1Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyR. M. PorterPorter
Review v2001n1Controversy: Catastrophism and Evolution, The Ongoing DebateRichard HuggettHuggett
Review v2001n1Mount St. Helens: Explosive evidence for catastrophe in Earth's historyLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2001n1The Crystal SunBrian MooreMoore
Review v2001n1The Followers of Horus: Eastern Desert Survey Report. Vol 1Steve MitchellMitchell
Review v2001n1The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion & CosmologyEric CrewCrew
Review v2001n1Cradle of SaturnBob JohnsonJohnson
Review v2001n1Tuning in to NatureJill AberyAbery
Review v2001n1Prehistoric Astronomy and RitualPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n1The Pyramid AgeJohn CroweCrowe
Review v2001n1King Arthur: The Truth Behind the LegendPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n1Hapgood's Ancient MapsMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v2001n1Society NewsJill AberyAbery
Review v2001n1Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins Of ScienceDerel BriarleyBriarley
Review v2001n1SIS Study Group 17th June 2000John CroweCrowe
Review v2001n2An Unexplained Arctic Catastropheby Derek S. AllanAllan
Review v2001n2The Ring About The Earth at 2300 BCMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2001n2The Valley of ColoursNesta CaigerCaiger
Review v2001n2Apocalyptic Imagery In Modern Political SpectacleProfessor Irving WolfeWolfe
Review v2001n2The Role Of The Nile In Egyptian ChronologyLynn E. RoseRose
Review v2001n2Letopolis: city of the thunderboltPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n2Pot PourriPaul StandringStandring
Review v2001n2De Grazian DiscographyBrian MooreMoore
Review v2001n2Kronos by Robert de TelderEmmet J. SweeneySweeney
Review v2001n2The Tutankhamun Prophecies by Maurice CotterellAlasdair BealBeal
Review v2001n2When the Gods Came Down by Alan F. AlfordAlasdair BealBeal
Review v2001n2Ramessides, Medes and Persians by Emmet J. SweeneyMichael G. Reade and J. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v2001n2Cattigara - Legend and History by Stan HallJill AberyAbery
Review v2001n2Predicting the Past: An Exploration of Myth, Science and Prehistory by Roger Williams WescottJill AberyAbery
Review v2001n2The Time Detectives by Brian FaganPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n2Society News: SIS Autumn Conference 2000Birgit LieschingLiesching
Review v2001n2Derek Scott Allan (1917-2000)J. Bernard DelairDelair
Review v2001n2Melvin Cook (1911-2000)Alasdair BealBeal
Review v2001n2Jonsson's Gentile TimesJohn CroweCrowe
Review v2001n2Twists of TimeBob PorterPorter
Review v2001n2Ages in Chaos versus the 'New Chronologies' of Rohl and JamesPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n2Sweeney responds to CroweEmmet SweeneySweeney
Review v2001n2The Fomenko/Illig/Niemitz fallacyMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v2001n2Oedipus QuestionsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2001n2Clarification RequestedPaul StandringStandring
Review v2001n2Necho = Ramesses II?Michael G. ReadeReade
Review v2002n1Natural Catastrophes in the Ninth Century ADJames T Palmer and Trevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2002n1The Case for Retaining a Dark Age at the end of the Late Bronze AgePhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n1Genesis and The Origin of SpeciesDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2002n1Recent Developments In Near Eastern ArchaeologyR. M. PorterPorter
Review v2002n1In Defence of the Saturn TheoryEv CochraneCochrane
Review v2002n1The 900-700 BC era - a ConundrumMichael G. ReadeReade
Review v2002n1BookshelfJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n1The Tutankhamun Deception: The True Story of the Mummy's Curse by Gerald O'FarrellPaul StandringStandring
Review v2002n1The Atlantis Secret by Alan F.AlfordAlasdair BealBeal
Review v2002n1Homer in the Baltic (Omero nel Baltico) by Felice VinciEmmet J. SweeneySweeney
Review v2002n1The Extinction of the Mammoth by Charles GinenthalJill Abery, J.B. DelairDelair
Review v2002n1The Many Faces Of Venus - The Planet Venus in Ancient Myth and Religion by Ev CochraneJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n1Firmament & Chaos by John AckermanAlasdair BealBeal
Review v2002n1Making Sense of Astronomy and Geology by Dirk BontesDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2002n1Genes, Peoples, and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-SforzaPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n1Sky Dragons and Celestial Serpents by Alastair McBeathPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n1Planet of the Greeks by Meres J. WecheDavid RothRoth
Review v2002n1Meetings with Shulamit Kogan in Israel, March 2001John CroweCrowe
Review v2002n1Society NewsJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n2Commemoration Of The 2300bc EventMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2002n2Did Artaxerxes III Despoil The Temple In Jerusalem?Emmet J. SweeneySweeney
Review v2002n2Velikovsky and the El-Amarna periodSjef van AstenAsten
Review v2002n2Possible repercussions of 'The Bible Unearthed'Phillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n2Recent Developments In Near Eastern ArchaeologyR.M. PorterPorter
Review v2002n2Did Jews Fabricate Their History Between 500 and 1099AD?Benny J PeiserPeiser
Review v2002n2Electric UniverseWal ThornhillThornhill
Review v2002n2MonitorJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n2Pot PourriPaul StandringStandring
Review v2002n2BookshelfJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n2Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age by Graham HancockPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n2The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher SilbermanPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n2The Cosmic Origins Of ArthurJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n2Seahenge by Francis PryorPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n2Catastrophobia - the Truth behind Earth Changes in the Coming Age of Light by Barbara Hand ClowJill AberyAbery
Review v2002n2The Invisible College by Robert LomasPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2002n2Society NewsJill AberyAbery
Review v2003Introduction - Ages in Chaos?Trevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2003Scientific Dating Problems: The Radiometric Dating Of Earth's RocksDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2003Evidence For Shortening Egyptian HistoryRobert M. PorterPorter
Review v2003Ages Still In Chaos: Defending The IndefensibleJ. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v2003A Testing TimeDavid RohlRohl
Review v2003The Lion Gate At Mycenae RevisitedLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Review v2003Ramesses II And Greek Archaic SculptureLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Review v2003Agronomy and ClimatologyCharles GinenthalGinenthal
Review v2003Finding the Limits of Chronological RevisionJohn J. BimsonBimson
Review v2003Velikovsky, Glasgow and Heinsohn CombinedEmmet J. SweeneySweeney
Review v2003AD Ages in Chaos: A Russian Point of ViewDr Eugen GabowitschGabowitsch
Review v2003Implications for Chronology if Certain 'Historical' Characters are MythologicalEv CochraneCochrane
Review v2003Saint CuthbertGunnar HeinsohnHeinsohn
Review v2003Possible Ways ForwardDavid FairbairnFairbairn
Review v2003Summary and Closing AddressTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2004n1Has Science Got it Wrong? – Remarks on the Arctic Evidence of the Great Pleistocene ExtinctionDerek S. AllanAllan
Review v2004n1Neo-Assyrians and Achaemenids – A Test of BeardsTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2004n1Response to BimsonEmmet SweeneySweeney
Review v2004n1Monuments of the British Neolithic by Miles RussellPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n1Solving the Exodus Mystery by Ted T. StewartLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2004n1Wer Herrschte Im Industal? (Who Reigned in the Indus Valley?) by Gunnar HeinsohnEmmet SweeneySweeney
Review v2004n1The History of Britain Revealed by M. J. HarperJill AberyAbery
Review v2004n1Confusion Breeds on AssumptionsG. P. WilliamsWilliams
Review v2004n1Fire From HeavenPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n2Megalithic Circles and Star ChartsMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2004n2Recent Developments In Near Eastern ArchaeologyR. M. PorterPorter
Review v2004n2Avebury: The Biography of a Landscape, by Joshua Pollard and Andrew Reynolds.Phillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n2ReviewsPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n2Pot PourriPaul StandringStandring
Review v2004n2Health Hazards to Egyptologists: Radon GasNesta CaigerCaiger
Review v2004n2Old Testament Tales, Part II - - Moses and History 'A'David SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2004n2Horeb: The Mountain of GodEmmet SweeneySweeney
Review v2004n2How Good A Navigator was Columbus?Peter Fairlie-ClarkeFairlie-Clarke
Review v2004n2The Tang-I Var InscriptionJ. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v2004n3Lifting 'Bickerman's veil'Steve MitchellMitchell
Review v2004n3In Search of Alter EgosTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2004n3The Dark Age Gap: An Open Letter to John Bimson, Peter James and David RohlEmmet SweeneySweeney
Review v2004n3The Future of the Past, and, Atlas of Ancient History (Book reviews)Paul StandringStandring
Review v2004n3The Atlantis Researches by Paul DunbavinPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n3Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and the Cosmos, by John NorthPhilip ClaphamClapham
Review v2004n3Canaanites, Chronologies and Connections, by Susan CohenLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2004n3Perilous Planet Earth: Catastrophes and Catastrophism Through the Ages by Trevor PalmerLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2004n3In PassingLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2004n3Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyR. M. PorterPorter
Review v2004n3The Israel Stele and YanoamJ. Eric AitchisonAitchison
Review v2004n3The After-Effects of Newton's Comet of 1680 ADLaurence DixonDixon
Review v2004n3MonitorJill AberyAbery
Review v2005An Unexplained Arctic Catastrophe – Part II: Some Unanswered QuestionsDerek S. AllanAllan
Review v2005Catastrophes and the History of Life on EarthTrevor PalmerPalmer
Review v2005When the Sea Flooded BritainSteve MitchellMitchell
Review v2005A Reply to Palmer's 'In Search of Alter Egos'Emmet J. SweeneySweeney
Review v2005The Stream Surrounding the EarthMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2005Some Implications of Saunders' Lunar HypothesisDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2005Recent Developments in Near Eastern ArchaeologyRobert M. PorterPorter
Review v2005Independent Confirmation of a Catastrophic EventMoe MandelkehrMandelkehr
Review v2005Pillars of the Past by Charles GinenthalIrving WolfeWolfe
Review v2005The Stones of Time; Calendars, Sundials, and the Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland by Martin BrennanPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2005Perilous Planet Earth – Catastrophes and Catastrophism Through the Ages, by Trevor PalmerAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Review v2005Resurrecting Genesis: Displacing the Failed Theory of Naturalistic Evolution, by John R. HaddDavid SalkeldSalkeld
Review v2005Stukeley Illustrated by Neal MortimerPhillip ClaphamClapham
Review v2005Mysterious Ancient America, by Paul DevereuxPhillip ClaphamClapham
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