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List of Pensée: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered (IVR) contributors:

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IssueArticle TitleAuthor(s)Surname
Pensée IVR01A Look At the EvidenceEditor's page
Pensée IVR01The Scientific MafiaDavid StoveStove
Pensée IVR01A Record of SuccessThomas FertéFerté
Pensée IVR01Are the Moon's Scars Only 3000 Years Old?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR01How Stable Is the Solar System?C.J. RansomRansom
Pensée IVR01Lunar Rocks and Velikovsky's ClaimsDerek YorkYork
Pensée IVR01When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR01Effects of Volatility On Rubidium-Strontium DatingRobert C. WrightWright
Pensée IVR01Magnetic Remanence in Lunar RocksRobert TreashTreash
Pensée IVR01On Decoding Hawkins' Stonehenge DecodedImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR01The Censorship of Velikovsky's Interdisciplinary SynthesisLynn RoseRose
Pensée IVR01The Center HoldsWilliam MullenMullen
Pensée IVR01Shapley, Velikovsky And the Scientific SpiritHorace KallenKallen
Pensée IVR01Akhnaten, Aten, and Venus ReconsideredLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Pensée IVR01Could Mars Have Been An Inner Planet?Lynn RoseRose
Pensée IVR01The Orbits of Mars, Earth and VenusLynn Rose and Raymond VaughanVaughan
Pensée IVR01Venus' Circular OrbitChris SherrerdSherrerd
Pensée IVR01Velikovsky at HarvardStephen L. TalbottTalbott
Pensée IVR01Is Venus' Heat Decreasing?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR02The Future of A Publishing IdeaFrom the Publisher
Pensée IVR02Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian CatastrophismRalph JuergensJuergens
Pensée IVR02Velikovsky: Science or Anti-Science?W. C. StrakaStraka
Pensée IVR02Straka: Science or Anti-Science?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR02Velikovsky on the Formation of CoalWilfrid FrancisFrancis
Pensée IVR02H. H. Hess and My MemorandaImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR02Oedipus and AkhnatonCyrus GordonGordon
Pensée IVR02Akhnaton: A Geneticist's ViewC. D. DarlingtonDarlington
Pensée IVR02Velikovsky's Critics and CatastrophismIan MaclverMaclver
Pensée IVR02Notes on Dr. Immanuel VelikovskyP.P.M. MeinckeMeincke
Pensée IVR02Is Asteroid Toro A Remnant of Comet-Planet Collision?Robert TreashTreash
Pensée IVR02A Classroom ExperimentH. B. KellerKeller
Pensée IVR02A Call To ActionJoseph MayMay
Pensée IVR03A Quantitative Test for Catastrophic TheoriesEuan W. MacKieMacKie
Pensée IVR03Challenge to the Integrity of ScienceEuan W. MacKieMacKie
Pensée IVR03A Reading of the Pyramid TextsWilliam MullenMullen
Pensée IVR03The Orientation of the PyramidsImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR03Babylonian Observations of VenusLynn E. RoseRose
Pensée IVR03The Orbits of VenusC. J. Ransom and L. H. HoffeeHoffee
Pensée IVR03Earth without a MoonImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR03The Lion Gate at MycenaeLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Pensée IVR03The Lion Gate at MycenaeImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR03Velikovsky's Challenge to the Scientific EstablishmentSidney WillhelmWillhelm
Pensée IVR03The Synthesis of MannaWong Kee KuongKuong
Pensée IVR03Giordano Bruno's View on The Earth without a MoonA. M. PatersonPaterson
Pensée IVR03On Celestial MechanicsMartin Kruskal, Ralph Juergens, C.E.R. Bruce, Melvin A. CookCook
Pensée IVR04The Radiocarbon Dating MethodW. F. LibbyLibby
Pensée IVR04The Pitfalls of Radiocarbon DatingImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR04The Ages of Bristlecone PineHerbert C. SorensenSorensen
Pensée IVR04Radiocarbon Dating and Velikovskian CatastrophismThomas MowlesMowles
Pensée IVR04Carbon 14 Dates and Velikovsky's Revision of Ancient HistoryIsrael M. Isaacson (E.M.S.)Isaacson
Pensée IVR04Ages in Chaos in the Light of C14 ArchaeometryAlbert W. Burgstahler, Euan W. MacKieMacKie
Pensée IVR04Astronomy and ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR05Metallurgy and ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR05A Criticism of the Revised ChronologyWilliam H. Stiebing, Jr.Stiebing
Pensée IVR05The El-Amarna Letters and the Ancient Records of Assyria and BabyloniaAlbert W. BurgstahlerBurgstahler
Pensée IVR05The Velocity of Light In Relation to Moving BodiesImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR05A MISSED OPPORTUNITY?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR05Eclipses in Ancient TimesImmanuel Velikovsky, John Q. StewartStewart
Pensée IVR05Gyroscopic Precession and Celestial Axis DisplacementC. S. SherrerdSherrerd
Pensée IVR05A Note on Rockenbach's De CometisCarter SutherlandSutherland
Pensée IVR05The Logic of Theory-testing: Some Criticisms of MacKieLynn E. Rose, Euan W. MacKieMacKie
Pensée IVR05Hittites And Their SkullsLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Pensée IVR05The Origin of Certain Unexplained DepressionsC. J. RansomRansom
Pensée IVR05On Cosmic ElectricityMartin Kruskal, Ralph Juergens, C. E. R. Bruce, Eric W. CrewCrew
Pensée IVR06Venus Clouds: Test for HydrocarbonsWilliam T. PlummerPlummer
Pensée IVR06Venus and HydrocarbonsImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR06The Nature of the Cytherean AtmosphereAlbert W. BurgstahlerBurgstahler
Pensée IVR06Venus' AtmosphereImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR06A Reply to StiebingImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR06ScarabsImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR06TirynsImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR06China's DragonCarter SutherlandSutherland
Pensée IVR06AtlantisLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Pensée IVR07My Challenge to Conventional Views in ScienceImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR07"Mechanics Bears Witness"Irving MichelsonMichelson
Pensée IVR07The Atom and OilImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR08The Titius-Bode Law and the Evolution of the Solar SystemM. M. NietoNieto
Pensée IVR08Did Worlds CollideRobert W. BassBass
Pensée IVR08"Proofs" of the Stability of the Solar SystemRobert W. BassBass
Pensée IVR08Velikovsky and the Sequence of Planetary OrbitsLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Pensée IVR08The Lengths of the YearLynn E. RoseRose
Pensée IVR09Applying the Revised ChronologyIsrael M. Isaacson (E.M.S.)Isaacson
Pensée IVR09Of the Moon and Mars, Part 1Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Pensée IVR09Radiometric Dating: Is the "Decay Constant" Constant?John Lynde Anderson and George W. SpanglerSpangler
Pensée IVR09The Mesoamerican RecordWilliam MullenMullen
Pensée IVR09Myth and the Origin of ReligionVine Deloria, Jr.Deloria
Pensée IVR10Megalithic Astronomy and CatastrophismEuan W. MacKieMacKie
Pensée IVR10The Scandal of EnkomiImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR10Rejoinder to VelikovskyWilliam H. Stiebing, Jr.Stiebing
Pensée IVR10A Concluding RetortImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Pensée IVR10Of the Moon and Mars, Part 2Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Pensée IVR10Scientifically speaking...Irving MichelsonMichelson
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