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List of Kronos contributors:

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IssueArticle TitleAuthor(s)Surname
Kronos vol.0101The New Science of Immanuel VelikovskyThomas Alan ParryParry
Kronos vol.0101Phobia, Amnesia, and the PsycheLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0101Myth, Mandala, and the Collective UnconsciousDavid GriffardGriffard
Kronos vol.0101Cosmology And PsychologyLewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. SizemoreSizemore
Kronos vol.0101The Great TerrorZvi RixRix
Kronos vol.0101Schizophrenia and the Fear of World DestructionLewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. SizemoreSizemore
Kronos vol.0101Velikovsky, Brasseur, And The Troano CodexJohn Myers and Warner B. SizemoreSizemore
Kronos vol.0101In Memoriam: John V. Myerst Ph.D.EditorEditor
Kronos vol.0102From Microcosm to Macrocosm: The Fearful Symmetry of CatastrophismLewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. SizemoreGreenberg
Kronos vol.0102Theomachy in the Theater: on the Fringes of the Collective AmnesiaJohn V. Myers and Lewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0102Tektites and China's DragonDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0102Cosmic Instability and Modern Man: An IntroductionJoseph A. SoldatiSoldati
Kronos vol.0102Limitations of Astronomical Dating Methods*Donovan A. CourvilleCourville
Kronos vol.0102A Note on the Term "Hyksos"Lewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0102A Note on the Location of AvarisMarvin A. LuckermanLuckerman
Kronos vol.0102A Note on the "Land of Punt"Ralph E. Juergens and Lewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0102Some Preliminary Remarks About Thera and AtlantisIsrael M. Isaacson (E.M.S.)Isaacson
Kronos vol.0103The Identification of the Biblical "Queen of Sheba" with Hatshepsut, "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia"Eva DaneliusDanelius
Kronos vol.0103Eastern Anatolia and Velikovsky's Chronological Revisions* IRobert H. HewsenHewsen
Kronos vol.0103The Catastrophic Substructure of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra (Part I)Irving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0103Saturn And GenesisLewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. SizemoreSizemore
Kronos vol.0103Lunar AcquisitionC. J. RansomRansom
Kronos vol.0103Michelson And MetonLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0103Making Moonshine with Hard ScienceAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Kronos vol.0103Greek Estimates of the Synodic MonthLivio StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0103Can Worlds Collide?Robert W. BassBass
Kronos vol.0103pcFrederic B. JuenemanJueneman
Kronos vol.0104OlympiaImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0104The Identification of the Biblical "Queen of Sheba" with Hatshepsut, "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia" (Part III)Eva DaneliusDanelius
Kronos vol.0104Paleo-Calcinology: Destruction by Fire in Pre-historic and Ancient Times Part IAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Kronos vol.0104The Catastrophic Substructure of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra (Part II)Irving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0104The Personal Tragedy of Albert EinsteinH. C. DudleyDudley
Kronos vol.0104The Origins of Modern Geological TheoryGeorge GrinnellGrinnell
Kronos vol.0104The Problem of the Frozen MammothsDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0104Velikovsky and the Heat of VenusRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0104The Jupiter Effect: The Planets as Triggers of Devastating Earthquakes by John Gribbin and Stephen PlagemannRobert W. BassBass
Kronos vol.0104Cataclysmic EvolutionLewis M. GreenbergBass
Kronos vol.0201The Birth of Venus from JupiterImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0201The "Bulk Chemistries" of Venus and Jupiter*Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0201The Rotational Resonances of Mercury and VenusLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0201The MoonC. J. RansomRansom
Kronos vol.0201On The Origin Of TektitesDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0201Some Additional Comments On TektitesRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0201The Role of Ancient Myths in Orthodox Natural ScienceA. M. PATERSONPATERSON
Kronos vol.0201The Ultimate Catastrophe?H. C. DudleyDudley
Kronos vol.0201Paleo-Calcinology: Destruction by Fire in Pre-historic and Ancient Times -- Part IIAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Kronos vol.0201Precise Synchronization Involving the Revised ChronologyJerome ColburnColburn
Kronos vol.0201Pygmalion, Prince of Tyre, and the el-Amarna CorrespondenceBronson FeldmanFeldman
Kronos vol.0201Devi And VenusArtur IsenbergIsenberg
Kronos vol.0202Analysis of the Babylonian ObservationsLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.0202"Proofs" of the Stability of the Solar SystemRobert W. BassBass
Kronos vol.0202The Origin and Evolution of the Comets and Other Small Bodies in the Solar System*S. K VsekhsvyatskiiVsekhsvyatskii
Kronos vol.0202Alexander At The OracleImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0202Conditioning, Coping, and ConceptsA. Mann PatersonPaterson
Kronos vol.0202Sin and the Control System*John V. MyersMyers
Kronos vol.0202Were All Dinosaurs Reptiles?Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0202The God-Kings and the Titans: The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times by James BaileyRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0202The Fire Came By: The Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion by John Baxter and Thomas AtkinsFrederic B. JuenemanJueneman
Kronos vol.0202The Excavation Of EblaR. H. HewsenHewsen
Kronos vol.0203As Worlds CollideEarl R. MiltonMilton
Kronos vol.0203On the Convection of Electric Charge by the Rotating EarthR. E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0203Orbits And Their MeasurementsRaymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.0203Quartered At YaleImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0203Dating the Great Mahabharata War: A Previously Neglected ClueArtur IsenbergIsenberg
Kronos vol.0203Ancient Knowledge of Jupiter's Bands and Saturn's RingsAlfred de GraziaGrazia
Kronos vol.0203Leonardo da Vinci: Rocks, Fossils, and TimeH. James BirxBirx
Kronos vol.0204Father Kugler's Falling StarMalcolm LoweryLowery
Kronos vol.0204Psychology and Ancient Astronomical DiscoveryDavid GriffardGriffard
Kronos vol.0204The Domination of Astronomy Over Other Disciplines...Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0204JerichoImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0204Peoples of the Sea: An Art Historical Perspective...David LortonLorton
Kronos vol.0204Philistines, Persians, and "Peoples of the Sea": A Problem of Ethnic IdentityRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0204Peoples of the Sea: An Art Historical Perspective...Lewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0204Astronomy and Chronology: An AssessmentLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0204A Re-examination of the Sothic Chronology of EgyptRonald D. LongLong
Kronos vol.0301Radiohalos And Earth HistoryRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0301Stability of Solid Cores in Gaseous PlanetsEric W. CrewCrew
Kronos vol.0301On the Advance Claim of Jupiter's RadionoisesImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0301The Sun Of NightDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0301The Birth of Vahagn: An Armenian Vision of Celestial Catastrophe?Robert H. HewsenHewsen
Kronos vol.0301The Dawnseekers: the First History of American Paleontology by Robert West HowardH. JAMES BIRXBIRX
Kronos vol.0301Ancient Transatlantic Contacts? A Review of Fell, Van Sertima, and Von WuthenauRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0302My Challenge to Conventional Views in ScienceImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0302AfterwordImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0302The Ten Points Of SaganImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0302The Velikovskian Upheaval: A Temporocentric ChallengeSidney M. WillhelmWillhelm
Kronos vol.0302Sagan's Folly Part 1Lewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0302Sagan's "Ten Plagues"Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0302"Just Plainly Wrong": A Critique of Peter HuberLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0302On Morrison: Some Preliminary RemarksRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0302Velikovsky Versus Academic Lag (The Problem of Hypothesis)A. M. PatersonPaterson
Kronos vol.0302The Venus "Greenhouse Theory" --DebunkedLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0302Sagan's Appendices: A Quick AppendectomyC. J. RansomRansom
Kronos vol.0302Asimov In ConfusionL. M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0302Some Good AdviceLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0303From the End of the Eighteenth Dynasty to the Time of Ramses IIImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0303"Let There be Light"Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0303Jerusalem -- City of VenusLewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. SizemoreSizemore
Kronos vol.0304It's 1950 YesterdayL.M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0304"Heaven and Earth": Catastrophism in HamletIrving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0304Khima And KesilImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0304The Mystery Of The PleiadesDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0304Catastrophism And Planetary HistoryVine Deloria, Jr.Deloria
Kronos vol.0304Geogullibility And Geomagnetic ReversalsRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0304Effects of Atmospheric Dust on the Arcus VisionisBruce S. MaccabeeMaccabee
Kronos vol.0304Earth Magic by FRANCIS HITCHINGRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0304The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian JaynesRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0401Polymathics and Catastrophism: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Problems of Evolutionary TheoryRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0401Gerontology, Environment, and Geological CatastrophismRichard K. SeversSevers
Kronos vol.0401The Aubrey Holes Of StonehengeAlban WallWall
Kronos vol.0401Abimilki, Azaru and Nikmed in the El-Amarna Correspondence and the Assyrian AnnalsSPeter J. JamesJames
Kronos vol.0401Eastern Anatolia and Velikovsky's Chronological Revisions - IIRobert H. HewsenHewsen
Kronos vol.0401"Heaven and Earth": Catastrophism in HamletIrving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0401The Rare and Roasted Phoenix: A View of Claude Levi-StraussJack PockmanPockman
Kronos vol.0402The Cabots, the Lowells, and the Temperature of VenusGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.0402A Note on the Temperature of VenusC. J. RansomRansom
Kronos vol.0402The Weakness of the Venus Greenhouse TheoryImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0402"Just Plainly Wrong": A Critique of Peter Huber (Second Installment)Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0402On Morrison: Some Further RemarksRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0402The Aubrey Holes of Stonehenge (Concluded)Alban WallWall
Kronos vol.0403The Correct Placement of Haremhab in Egyptian HistoryImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0403The Stones Of BallochroyDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0403The Cairns Of KintrawDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0403Venus -- A Youthful PlanetImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0403Saturn As KingDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0404Velikovsky and Venus: A Preliminary Report on the Pioneer ProbesLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0404Back to the Drawing Board?Shane MageMage
Kronos vol.0404Stellar Thermonuclear Energy: A False Trail?Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0404The Photosphere: Is It the Top or the Bottom of the Phenomenon We Call the Sun?Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0404The Electromagnetic Circularization of Planetary OrbitsChris S. SherrerdSherrerd
Kronos vol.0404Two Experiments Involving Gravity and ElectromagnetismImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0404Heretics, Dogmatists and Science's Reception of New IdeasC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0404Group Mind in Development (Hegel and Freud)Leon RosensteinRosenstein
Kronos vol.0404The Twelfth Planet: by Zecharia SitchinRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0501On Saturn And The FloodImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0501Variations on a Theme of PhilolaosLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0501Megalithic Lunar Observatories -- A CritiqueThomas McCreeryMcCreery
Kronos vol.0501The Not So Stable SunEarl R. MiltonMilton
Kronos vol.0501Heat Transfer Models, Hothouse Calculations, and the Temperature of VenusGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.0502The Sulman Temple In JerusalemImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0502Megalithic Lunar Observatories – A Critique (CONCLUDED)Thomas McCreeryMcCreery
Kronos vol.0502Facts and Values: An Interdisciplinary PerspectiveGeorge Vid TomashevichTomashevich
Kronos vol.0502The Satellites of Neptune and the Origin of PlutoR. S. Harrington and T. C. Van FlandernFlandern
Kronos vol.0502On Some Problems Of VenusV. A. FIRSOFFFIRSOFF
Kronos vol.0503Cultural Aspects of the Libyan and Ethiopian DynastiesImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0503On the Placement of Haremhab: A Critique of GammonDominick A. CarlucciCarlucci
Kronos vol.0503Pharaoh Seti the Great and His Foreign ConnectionsGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.0503Introducing Anomalistics: A New Field of Interdisciplinary StudyRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0503Ninsianna UpdateLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.0503The Inconstant SunJohn GribbinGribbin
Kronos vol.0503The Kintraw Stone PlatformThomas McCreeryMcCreery
Kronos vol.0504Nor Heaven Nor Earth Have Been at Peace: The Contemporary Foundations of Shakespeare's Cataclysmic ImageryRichard J. Jaarsma with Edward L. OdenwaldOdenwald
Kronos vol.0504The OceanImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0504The Ring of Comets and Meteorites Encircling JupiterS. K. VsekhsvyatskiiVsekhsvyatskii
Kronos vol.0504Section II: The Artificial InsertionLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.0504Heretics, Dogmatists and Science's Reception of New Ideas (Part 2)C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0504Inherent Origins of the State (Hegel and Freud)Leon RosensteinRosenstein
Kronos vol.0504Doomsday: The Science of Catastrophe by Fred WarshofskyRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0601Catastrophism and the Compulsion to MeaningWilliam MullenMullen
Kronos vol.0601Nor Heaven Nor Earth Have Been at Peace: The Contemporary Foundations of Shakespeare's Cataclysmic Imagery (Concluded)Richard J. Jaarsma with Edward L. OdenwaldOdenwald
Kronos vol.0601"The Seasons Alter": Catastrophism in A Midsummer Night's DreamIrving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0601ShamirImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0601On Sothic Dating: Some Preliminary RemarksLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0601The Sothic Dating of the Twelfth and Eighteenth DynastiesRichard A. ParkerParker
Kronos vol.0601Weighing The AnchorLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0601Some Notes on Parker's "Sothic Dating"Shane H. MageMage
Kronos vol.0601Venus And SiriusJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0601Calendrical Changes And Sothic ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0601The "So-Called" Fixed Sothic Date of Sesostris III, 1872 B. C.John DaytonDayton
Kronos vol.0602The Gravitational-Electromagnetic Effects of Ultramassive Objects on the Solar SystemMichael Simon Bodner and Michael E. BrandtBrandt
Kronos vol.0602Venus's Internal HeatLewis M. Greenberg and C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0602The Secret Of BaalbekImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0602Plato And The Catastrophist TraditionShane H. MageMage
Kronos vol.0602The Garden, the Fall, and the RestorationRichard HeinbergHeinberg
Kronos vol.0602An Ancient Latin Name for VenusJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0602"In Search of Ancient Astronomies": A ReviewThomas MccreeryMccreery
Kronos vol.0602Flawed SearchSara ChampionChampion
Kronos vol.0602Heretics, Dogmatists and Science's Reception of New Ideas (Part 3)C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0603The Secret of Baalbek (Concluded)Immanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0603Velikovsky In CollisionDavid StoveStove
Kronos vol.0603Sagan vs. SaganShulamit KoganKogan
Kronos vol.0603Krupp And VelikovskyThomas McCreeryMcCreery
Kronos vol.0603Saturn And VoyagerEarl R. MiltonMilton
Kronos vol.0603Electromagnetic-Gravitational Coupling Phenomena in the Saturn Ring SystemMichael E. Brandt and Michael Simon BodnerBodner
Kronos vol.0603"The Seasons Alter": Catastrophism in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Continued)Irving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0603A Note On Shakespeare's Cataclysmic ImageryRichard J. JaarsmaJaarsma
Kronos vol.0603Venus's Internal Heat: An UpdateC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0604Orphic Hymns And AstronomyLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0604On "the Year -687"Sean MewhinneyMewhinney
Kronos vol.0604CalendarsLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0604The Destruction of Sodom and GomorrahImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0604Cuban PrehistoryAurelio Ruiz-LafontRuiz-Lafont
Kronos vol.0604Asimov's Guide to the Velikovsky AffairRalph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0604Heretics, Dogmatists and Science's Reception of New Ideas (Part 4)C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0604Venus's Greenhouse: Premature Sufficiency?C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0604Editorial Statement . . .L. M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.0701Collective Amnesia: A Brief History of the ConceptThomas L. FertéFerté
Kronos vol.0701An Empirical Approach to Collective AmnesiaDavid GriffardGriffard
Kronos vol.0701Collective Amnesia In Everyday LifeJerome A. KrothKroth
Kronos vol.0701A Holographic WorldMarilyn FergusonFerguson
Kronos vol.0701MetronLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0701PrecursorsImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0701Child of Saturn (Part I)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0701Jupiter -- God of Abraham (Part I)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0701Haremhab: Assyrian Vassal or XVIIIth Dynasty Pharaoh?Geoffrey GammonGammon
Kronos vol.0702On the Circularization of the Orbit of VenusRagnar ForshufvudForshufvud
Kronos vol.0702Child of Saturn (Part II)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0702Chronos And KronosLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0702Jupiter -- God of Abraham (Part II)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0702Aristotle's Tragedy: An Example of Collective AmnesiaLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0702Collective Amnesia and the Catastrophic Basis of Soap Opera (Part I)Irving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0703Child of Saturn (Part III)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0703Vishnu Born Of ShivaDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0703IndraDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0703BrhaspatiRoger AshtonAshton
Kronos vol.0703The AnkhDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0703The Twenty-One Years of VenusLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0703Collective Amnesia and the Catastrophic Basis of Soap Opera (Concluded)Irving WolfeWolfe
Kronos vol.0703Behold Thy Gods, O Israel Jeroboam and the Israelite RevolutionShane H. MageMage
Kronos vol.0703Venus: Volcanism and Hot-FudgeC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0704How To Defuse A FeudNorman MacbethMacbeth
Kronos vol.0704Alternatives in Science: The Secular Creationism of Heribert NilssonBennison GrayGray
Kronos vol.0704"Ever Since Darwin": A ReviewPeter J. JamesJames
Kronos vol.0704Darwin's Unfalsifiable TheoryTom BethellBethell
Kronos vol.0704On Velikovsky And DarwinLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0704Beyond the Mountains of Darkness. The Search for the Ten Lost TribesImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0704On Comets, Comet-Like Luminous Apparitions and MeteorsIlse FuhrFuhr
Kronos vol.0801Electric Discharge as the Source of Solar Radiant Energy (Part I)Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0801The Listing by Months: An Ancient Study of the Disappearances of VenusLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.0801On Comets, Comet-Like Luminous Apparitions and Meteors (Concluded)Ilse FuhrFuhr
Kronos vol.0801The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of TonguesJames E. StricklingStrickling
Kronos vol.0801Jupiter - God of Abraham (Part III)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0801Hammurabi And The Revised ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0801Science-Fiction and Collective Amnesia: "Dragon's Egg"Richard J. JaarsmaJaarsma
Kronos vol.0802Troy and the Greek Dark AgeJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0802Sicily, Carthage, and the Fall of TroyJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0802The Libyan Period In EgyptImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0802The ArchangelsDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0802A Calendric View Of StonehengeAlban WallWall
Kronos vol.0802Electric Discharge as the Source of Solar Radiant Energy (Concluded)Ralph E. JuergensJuergens
Kronos vol.0803Sanverim: Hypnosis in the BibleImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0803Pharaoh Seti the (Great and His Foreign Connections - IIGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.0803Empedocles, Healer of the Mind (Part I)Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0803The Science of Evolution (Part I)Bennison GrayGray
Kronos vol.0803Observations At KintrawT. McCreery]], A. J. Hastie, and T. MouldsMoulds
Kronos vol.0803Petrofabric Analysis: An Unreliable Archaeological ToolThomas McCreeryMcCreery
Kronos vol.0804Child of Saturn (Part IV)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0804Jonathan Swift and the Moons of MarsKen D. MossMoss
Kronos vol.0804Empedocles, Healer of the Mind (Part II)Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0804The Science of Evolution (Concluded)Bennison GrayGray
Kronos vol.0804Seismology, Catastrophe, and ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0804The Cosmic Serpent by Victor Clube and Bill NapierJohn GribbinGribbin
Kronos vol.0901The Catastrophic Role of Fluid Pressure and Electromagnetic Phenomena in the Mechanics of Overthrust FaultingMichael M. HobbyHobby
Kronos vol.0901The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies (Part I)J. M. McCanneyMcCanney
Kronos vol.0901Shapley's Scientific RecordImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0901Jupiter God of Abraham (Part IV)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0901What Was "Brimstone"?John V. MyersMyers
Kronos vol.0901Aster and Disaster: Toward a Catastrophist Mode of Mythological InterpretationRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0901Empedocles, Healer of the Mind (Concluded)Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.0901Self-Consciousness as the Hegelian Source of the World View in FreudLeon RosensteinRosenstein
Kronos vol.0902Scarabs And ChronologyImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0902OsarsiphJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0902HumbabaDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0902Kronos, Minos, and the Celestial LabyrinthEv CochraneCochrane
Kronos vol.0902The Cosmology Of TawantinsuyuJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.0902The Son of Tanit Among the Olmecs: Additional Evidence of a Possible Phoenician Contact with the OlmecsMilo Kearney and Karen LeFevre-UribeLeFevre-Uribe
Kronos vol.0902The Newton AffairLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0902The Role of Collective Amnesia in Retarding the Acceptance of Correct Ideas in ScienceImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0902Worlds in Collision in Macmillan's CataloguesC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.0902Stargazers & Gravediggers by Immanuel VelikovskyJoseph MayMay
Kronos vol.0902The Neglected Facts of Science by Dewey B. LarsonHenry A. HoffHoff
Kronos vol.0902The Paradoxical PrimateRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.0903Esarhaddon In EgyptImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.0903The Oedipus Legend and the Amarna PeriodWalter FedernFedern
Kronos vol.0903Apollo of the Wolf, the Mouse and the SerpentMichael G. TheodorakisTheodorakis
Kronos vol.0903The Rites Of MolochDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.0903Velikovsky and the Cosmic SerpentDavid Stove, Victor Clube, Bill NapierStove
Kronos vol.0903Newton's World ViewLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.0903The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies (Part II)J. M. McCanneyMcCanney
Kronos vol.0903The New Solar System: Selected CriticismsC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.1001Saturn: In Myth and ReligionDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1001The Genie Of The PivotRoger AshtonAshton
Kronos vol.1001The Origin of Velikovsky's CometDavid Talbott and Ev CochraneCochrane
Kronos vol.1001Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age - IRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.1001OdinDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1001An Ancient Celtic Water Cult: Its Significance in British PrehistoryAlban WallWall
Kronos vol.1001Newton And Historical ScienceLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.1001Mulholland: "A Celestial Mechanician Whose Name is Almost Synonymous with High Precision"Immanuel Velikovsky and Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1001Still Facing Many ProblemsC. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.1001Collective Amnesia and the Compulsive Repetition of Human SacrifriceGunnar Heinsohn, Christoph MarxMarx
Kronos vol.1002The Venus Tablets: A Fresh Approach?Lynn E. Rose & Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.1002Orbits of Core Material Ejected from Gaseous PlanetsEric W. CrewCrew
Kronos vol.1002The Gravitational-Electromagnetic Effects of Ultramassive Objects on the Solar System (Part II)Michael E. BrandtBrandt
Kronos vol.1002The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies (Part III)J. M. McCanneyMcCanney
Kronos vol.1002Ejections, Resonances, and InversionsDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1002Aster and Disaster: The Golden Age - IIRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.1002Mycenae, the Danube, and Homeric TroyJan N. SammerSammer
Kronos vol.1002Bet ShulmanDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1002Jerusalem - City of SaturnLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.1002"Mankind in Amnesia": An OverviewDavid GriffardGriffard
Kronos vol.1003Still Facing Many Problems (Part II)C. Leroy EllenbergerEllenberger
Kronos vol.1003The Scars of Mars - IDonald W. PattenPatten
Kronos vol.1003Guidelines To The Saturn MythDavid TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.1003The BaalimDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1003Child of Saturn (Part V)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1003The Earliest Arrival of Celts in the British IslesRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.1003Velikovsky and Historical Anti-NaturismDuane VorheesVorhees
Kronos vol.1101The Case for Catastrophe in Historical TimesBernard NewgroshNewgrosh
Kronos vol.1101On the Nature of Cometary SymbolismDavid Talbott and Ev CochraneCochrane
Kronos vol.1101Child of Saturn (Part VI)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1101An Evaluation of the Practical Operation of the Stonehenge CalendarBenjamin A. BosherBosher
Kronos vol.1101The Scars of Mars - IIDonald W. PattenPatten
Kronos vol.1101The Age of Reason: Some InsightsLivio C. StecchiniStecchini
Kronos vol.1101The Case of the Turkish Turn CoatDuane VorheesVorhees
Kronos vol.1102Answers To CriticsLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1102The Trouble With AztexDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1102El-Arish RevisitedSean MewhinneyMewhinney
Kronos vol.1102The Races Of Homo SapiensJames E. StricklingStrickling
Kronos vol.1102"Uniformitarianism in Linguistics" by Craig ChristyRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.1103Kadmos: The Primeval KingEv CochraneCochrane
Kronos vol.1103The Spring Of AresEv CochraneCochrane
Kronos vol.1103Is Venus Younger Than Earth?Reginald E. NewellNewell
Kronos vol.1103Aster and Disaster: The Fallen WorldRoger W. WescottWescott
Kronos vol.1103An Interim Reply To WeirLynn E. Rose and Raymond C. VaughanVaughan
Kronos vol.1103Velikovsky, Mars, and the Eighth Century B. C. Part OneSean MewhinneyMewhinney
Kronos vol.1103Answers To Further CriticsLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1201When Venus Was A CometEv Cochrane and David TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.1201Venus and Sirius: Some Unexpected SimilaritiesBrian StrossStross
Kronos vol.1201Some Preliminary Remarks About Ice CoresLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1201The Greenland Ice CoresLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1201Velikovsky, Mars, and the Eighth Century B.C. Part TwoSean MewhinneyMewhinney
Kronos vol.1202Seti's Foreign ConnectionsGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.1202Noah's Ark: I - The Ship on Ararat (Part A)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1202The Mark Of The BeastMilo KearneyKearney
Kronos vol.1202Young Velikovsky: From Bergson to BergerDuane VorheesVorhees
Kronos vol.1202The Greenland Ice Cores (Continued)Lynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1202The Milankovitch Theory of the Ice AgesLynn E. RoseRose
Kronos vol.1202Philosophy And Unified ScienceDr. George Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.1203AssuruballitImmanuel VelikovskyVelikovsky
Kronos vol.1203The KaabaDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1203Quantitative Aspects Of Ancient CosmologyGeorge Robert TalbottTalbott
Kronos vol.1203Noah's Ark: I The Ship on Ararat (Part B)Dwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1203The Sulfur ConnectionDwardu CardonaCardona
Kronos vol.1203Thera Revisited: A Final RejoinderLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
Kronos vol.1203To everything there is a seasonLewis M. GreenbergGreenberg
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