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The Immanuel Velikovsky Papers 1920-1996 (bulk 1930-1979) located at the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections in Princeton University Library, is described thus:

"The collection consists of manuscripts, writings, correspondence (both personal and professional), photographs, works of others, microfilm, printed material, and film reels, spanning more than 50 years, concerning Velikovsky's controversial ideas, the books that he wrote, and the history of opposition and criticism from the academic community that he received following the publication of his first book, Worlds in Collision, in 1950. Colleges and universities threatened to boycott the textbook division of the publisher, Macmillan & Co., which led to the transfer of the publishing rights to Doubleday & Co., even though the book had reached the number one spot on the best-sellers list. The book was eventually banned from a number of academic institutions, and several people lost their jobs because of it."

The papers were donated to the library by Velikovsky's daughter, Dr. Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, in two instalments: June 14, 2004, and Sept. 2, 2005.

Archive contents

  • Series 1: Writings, 1930s-1983
  • Subseries 1A: Manuscripts: Published Works, 1946-1983
  • Subseries 1B: Manuscripts: Unpublished Material, 1940s-1979
  • Subseries 1C: Miscellaneous Writings, 1930s-1979
  • Series 2: Lectures, 1950s-1979
  • Series 3: Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, 1922-1960
  • Series 4: Correspondence, 1920s-1990s
  • Subseries 4A: Personal, 1920s-1990s
  • Subseries 4B: Professional, 1940s-1990s
  • Subseries 4C: Publishers, 1940s-1990s
  • Subseries 4D: Radio and Television, 1940s-1990s
  • Subseries 4E: Critics, 1940s-1990s
  • Subseries 4F: Readers, 1950-1982
  • Series 5: Personal and Family Records and Legal Documents, 1920s-1990s
  • Series 6: Photographs, 1940s-1980s
  • Series 7: Works of Others, 1940s-1990s
  • Series 8: Printed Material, 1940s-1980s
  • Series 9: Microfilms, 1920s-1990s
  • Series 10: Magnetic Tapes, 1940s-1970s

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