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Gollancz / Sidgwick & Jackson are British publishers of Immanuel Velikovsky's books. Victor Gollancz Ltd was a book publishing house founded in 1927 by Victor Gollancz (1893–1967), and published Worlds in Collision in Britain. Gollancz, in association with Sidgwick & Jackson, published Velikovsky's subsequent books.

Immanuel Velikovsky

Velikovsky recalls that:

"Victor Gollancz was a British publisher who looked for the extraordinary. Worlds in Collision and, even more, the campaign to suppress it were extraordinary. He was interested in my book. James Putnam had only shortly before explained to me that Gollancz selected just a few books a year and promoted them vigorously. I agreed to this choice of a publisher for the British edition, and Macmillan prepared a contract for me to sign. Soon thereafter Gollancz came to the United States on a business trip. Before his departure for England in the first week of June, we were to meet at a luncheon arranged by Putnam. [..]
"On his return to England, Gollancz prepared the book for print, and in the first week of September, less than three months after our meeting, it was on sale. It was set anew and carried a jacket with the story of the book and its suppression on the front and back flaps and even on the inside of the jacket. Its author was Gollancz himself."[1]


  1. Immanuel Velikovsky, Stargazers and Gravediggers, "A Second Man Thrown Overboard", publ. 1983 William Morrow and Company

See also

  • Macmillan, the first publisher of Worlds in Collision
  • Doubleday, the subsequent publisher of Velikovsky's books.
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