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Cosmos Without Gravitation

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Cosmos Without Gravitation is a paper by Immanuel Velikovsky, published in 1946 as part of his Scripta Academica Hierosolymitana, series, which he describes as:

"The fundamental theory of this paper is: Gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon. There is no primary motion inherent in planets and satellites. Electric attraction, repulsion, and electromagnetic circumduction(1) govern their movements. The moon does not “fall,” attracted to the earth from an assumed inertial motion along a straight line, nor is the phenomenon of objects falling in the terrestrial atmosphere comparable with the “falling effect” in the movement of the moon, a conjecture which is the basic element of the Newtonian theory of gravitation."[1]


Limited distribution

Velikovsky notes that "it was not offered for sale and was distributed only to a number of physicists for scientific appraisal and was placed in some selected libraries."[2]

In 1947, Velikovsky sent Harvard astronomer Harlow Shapley a copy of "Cosmos Without Gravitation"[3] which Shapley later mentioned to Ted Thackrey of The Compass, that he had "filed it away with the other crank literature that comes to a scientific laboratory."[4]


The booklet's contents is as follows:

  1. Phenomena Not in Accord with the Theory of Gravitation
  2. Attraction Between Two Atoms. - Inertia. - Attraction of Bodies Toward the Earth. - The Time of Descent and of Ascent of a Pendulum. - The Effect of Charge on the Weight of a Body
  3. Attraction, Repulsion, and Electromagnetic Circumduction in the Solar System
  4. The Anomaly of Mercury and Other Phenomena Explained


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