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William Mullen

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Fred Jueneman and Bill Mullen at NASA Ames in 1972
Bill Mullen at Velikovsky Symposium at Lewis and Clark College, August 18, 1972

William Cocke Mullen (AKA Bill Mullen) (b. Nov 4, 1946. d. Nov 2, 2017) (Ph.D., U. Texas at Austin) has been a tutor in interdisciplinary studies at St. John's College, Annapois, and is currently Professor of Classical Studies at Bard College, New York. He has been an Associate Editor and contributor to Pensée, a contributor to Kronos, and to Chronology & Catastrophism Review, and also to Velikovsky Reconsidered, and Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia.


  • "The Center Holds", Pensée: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered I (May, 1972) (reprinted in Velikovsky Reconsidered)
  • "A Reading of the Pyramid Texts", Pensée: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered III (Winter, 1973)
  • "The Mesoamerican Record", Pensée: Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered IX (Fall, 1974)
  • "Structuring the Apocalypse: Old and New World Variations", in Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia: Papers Presented at the Univ. of Lethbridge May 9-10, 1974, ed. E. R. Milton (Unileth Press: Lethbridge, 1978)
  • "Worlds in Collision After Heinsohn", Chronology & Catastrophism Review v1997 No. 2
  • "Cenocatastrophism", Proceedings of the Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial Celebration, 1895-1995, Ivy Press Books, 1997

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