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Doubleday and Company were the second publisher of Immanuel Velikovsky's first book, Worlds in Collision, after the first publisher, the MacMillan Company felt pressurized into selling. the rights. Doubleday subsequently published all but one of Velikovsky's later books.

Velikovsky's books published by Doubleday

1950:Worlds in CollisionISBN 0-385-04541-7
1952:Ages in ChaosISBN 0-385-04897-1
1955:Earth in UpheavalISBN 0-385-04113-6
1960:Oedipus and AkhnatonISBN 0-385-00529-6
1977:Peoples of the SeaISBN 0-385-03389-3
1978:Ramses II and His TimeISBN 0-385-03394-X
1982:Mankind in AmnesiaISBN 0-385-03393-1

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