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Jan Sammer (b. Plzen, Czechoslovakia, 1953) was an assistant to Immanuel Velikovsky (1976-1979), an archivist and editor for the Velikovsky Estate, 1980-1983. He has a Bachelor of Arts from SGWU, Montreal, 1975, and a Master of International Affairs, Columbia University, NYC, 1986.[1] He has also made contributions to Kronos and Aeon journals. He notes:

"During the time that I worked for Velikovsky (1976-1978) one of my tasks was to complete the cataloguing of his library notes, mostly from the 1940s. The headings of the catalogue generally corresponded to the section headings in Worlds in Collision and In the Beginning. The completion of In the Beginning was a cooperative effort between Velikovsky and myself. After Velikovsky’s passing, when I returned to Princeton to work on his archive, I systematically moved the parts contributed by me into the notes apparatus and this is how this material appears in the unpublished manuscript."[2]


  • "Venus And Sirius", Kronos vol.6 No. 1, Fall 1980
  • "An Ancient Latin Name for Venus" Kronos vol.6 No.2, Winter 1981
  • "Troy and the Greek Dark Age", Kronos vol.8 No. 2, Winter 1983
  • "Sicily, Carthage, and the Fall of Troy", Kronos vol.8 No. 2, Winter 1983
  • "Osarsiph", Kronos vol.9 No.2, Winter 1984
  • "The Cosmology Of Tawantinsuyu", Kronos vol.9 No.2, Winter 1984
  • "Mycenae, the Danube, and Homeric Troy", Kronos vol.10 No.2, Winter 1985
  • "Reopening the Sumerian Question", Aeon vol.1 No. 2, Feb 1988
  • "Why Did Jesus Wash His Disciples' Feet?", Aeon vol.3 No. 4, Dec 1993
  • "The Velikovsky Archive", Aeon vol.6 No. 2, Dec 2001


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