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From Past to Prophesy Conference promotion
From Past to Prophesy Conference Proceedings

From Past to Prophesy: Velikovsky's Challenge to Conventional Beliefs is the Proceedings of the Symposium Held At The Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Quebec, January 10th-12th, 1975, and compiled By Nahum Ravel, Director. It included the following presentations:

  • Introduction to Velikovsky by Irving Wolfe
  • Science's Unscientific Reception of Velikovsky, by C.J. Ransom
  • The Coming Cosmic Debate in the Sciences and Humanities: Revolutionary Vs. Evolutionary Primevology by Alfred de Grazia
  • Catastrophism and the Compulsion to Meaning, by William Mullen
  • The Intellectual Context of Velikovsky's Thought, by George Grinnell
  • The Social Impact of Velikovsky on our Generation, by Patrick Doran
  • Velikovsky in Shakespeare, by Irving Wolfe
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