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Elisheva Velikovsky

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Elisheva Velikovsky
Immanuel and Elisheva Velikovsky, together with John Holbrook (left) at their home in New Jersey in June 1968. (credit: Randall Hagador, details)

Elisheva Kramer (Elis Velikovsky) (b. July 27, 1895 d. June 24, 1983)[1] was the wife of Immanuel Velikovsky. They married on Apr. 15, 1923 in Berlin, Germany by Rabbi Munk. She was then a violin student. Her father was George Tuvia Kramer, a bookstore owner.[2][3] Later in the United States, she studied sculpture (see the Yale Scientific magazine cover) as a student of Oronzio Maldarelli at Columbia University, subsequently having work exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.[4] Her father was George Tuvia Kramer, who ran a Hebrew bookstore in Hamburg; her mother died when Elisheva was 19.[5] She is buried in the B'Nai Israel Memorial Park, New Jersey.[6]


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