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C.J. Ransom

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C.J. Ransom

Dr. C. J. Ransom has been an associate editor and contributor of Pensée and Kronos, a contributor to the SIS journal Chronology and Catastrophism Review, and the author of the book, The Age of Velikovsky. He was also the Executive Director of the organisation Cosmos and Chronos, a US tax exempt organization, and now conductors plasma research experiments with Vemasat Research Institute.

He has a diverse background in plasma physics research, aerospace research, computer aided analysis, technical computing management, business process re-engineering, cycle time reduction, and systems architecture.

He received his Ph.D. in plasma physics at The University of Texas in Austin, Texas, USA. He conducted research and technical computing in the aerospace industry for over 30 years.

Ransom now performs plasma experiments modeling crater formation on asteroids, moons and planets, and has published information about those experiments. He is a researcher at the Vemasat Research Institute for plasma discharge experiments.[1]


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