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Biela Rachel Velikovsky

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Biela Rachel Velikovsky (Neé Grodensky) (b. About 1860, Grodno, Lithuania.[1] d. March 3, 1928 Palestine) was Immanuel Velikovsky's mother, and wife of Simon Velikovsky, marrying on 15 March 1885.[2] She spoke several languages,[3] and ".. had always prodded Immanuel to get a proper education, to become a doctor, to specialize,"[4]

"Immanuel Velikovsky was born the youngest of three sons, in the provincial capital of Vitebsk (formerly Polotsk), on 10 June 1895, a year before the seventieth anniversary of the Velizh Geserah. The maiden name of his mother, Beila Grodensky, appears also to be of municipal extraction: Grodno (from the Russian for "town") was a district of Lithuania which the Czar annexed in 1795."[5]

Velikovsky's daughter, Ruth Sharon, thinks her grandmother may have suffered from Alzheimer's, dying from a stroke in March 1928 in Palestine.[6]


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